Songs of the Week and Weekly Update 9/3/2022

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Welcome to the first Songs of the Week Release in September, after the end of the 15th Official Tournament! Songs of the Week will resume with three songs a week, with releases on Saturdays at 12 AM Server Time as of now.

Before getting to our song releases, there are a couple long term-events to talk about:
First, we have the FFR Pattern Labeling Project. This event was put in place to better define FFR files by the hardest patterns within them. You can earn 100 credits per song you help with, and there’s still plenty of songs to add pattern labels for. Check out the thread for details and consider helping out if you have the time!

The second ongoing event is The Official New Musician Reward System. This event awards our stepartists that step a song for FFR with a new musician. You can earn 10,000 credits per accepted file, and up to three event tokens a year depending on how many files you get accepted. If you’ve ever considered stepping songs from some unused permissions for FFR before, now is a great chance to do so!

As always with any event we host, please carefully read the rules within the event’s respective thread before participating.

Oh, and a quick reminder that there’s roughly a month left before the Aug/Sept 2022 batch closes.

You’ve all been playing difficult files during the tournament, so let’s have a calmer release this time around. For those that live in the U.S., this is also Labor Day Weekend!

It should also be noted that this release marks 3000 files in public levelranks. Before today’s release, we were at exactly 2999 files in public levelranks. As part of this milestone, all three files this release will be made available immediately to all players. Additionally with this week’s releases we have three new musicians to talk about!

Musician: Pegboard Nerds feat. Elizaveta
Step Artist: Rapta
Song Length: 2:26
Song Style: Brostep
Note Count: 295
Difficulty: 10

ElizavetaTwitch | Bandcamp | Spotify | YouTube

Musician: Blacklolita
Step Artist: jh05013
Song Length: 1:51
Song Style: Dubstep
Note Count: 606
Difficulty: 44

BlacklolitaSpotify | SoundCloud | YouTube | Twitter

Musician: SirensCeol
Step Artist: WirryWoo
Song Length: 1:36
Song Style: Dubstep
Note Count: 683
Difficulty: 63

SirensCeolSpotify | SoundCloud | YouTube | Facebook


-DossarLX ODI, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

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  1. Can’t believe we have 30 files in game!

  2. these are quite a few -step files

  3. grats on 3000 songs fiffer

  4. btw ot signups are gone

  5. blacklolita lfg

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