Songs of the Week and Weekly Update 3/25/2022

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Welcome to the last Song Release and Weekly Update for March! This week there’s just some quick event reminders as we approach the end of March.

StepCon 2022 sign-ups will be closing next Thursday. Please consider signing up if you haven’t already!

Season 2 will be ending next Thursday, so get your top 50 scores in while you can!

The 2 veteran files we have for you today are:

You Don’t Know
Musician: Aaron Spectre
Step Artist: VisD
Song Length: 2:59
Difficulty: 87

Tribe Attacker v2
Musician: Canblaster
Step Artist: mi40
Song Length: 1:46
Difficulty: 88

And for Non-Veteran players, these songs have went public:

Enlighten Me
Musician: Masterplan
Step Artist: storn42
Song Length: 1:19
Difficulty: 43

Musician: Pogo
Step Artist: M0nkeyz
Song Length: 0:38
Difficulty: 51


-DossarLX ODI, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

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  1. i know

  2. lyrics to Venetian Snares’ song Americanized

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