Songs of the Week 02/21/2021

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on February 21st, 2021

New soooooooooooooooooooooongs!

Everything Black
Musician: Unlike Pluto feat. Mike Taylor
Step Artist: Rapta
Song Length: 1:30
Difficulty: 8

Story of Snowman and Sunshine Girl [Cut]
Musician: Digital Explosion
Step Artist: ositzxz369
Song Length: 1:09
Difficulty: 42

Bloody Revolution
Musician: DanJohansen
Step Artist: M0nkeyz
Song Length: 3:44
Difficulty: 82

Musician: a_hisa
Step Artist: Psychotik
Song Length: 3:20
Difficulty: 86



5 Responses to “Songs of the Week 02/21/2021”

  1. Story of Snowman and Sunshine Pog

  2. fake ositzxz369 file, not Venetian Snares

  3. ty based arrow mommy

  4. we need more songs in the 95-100ish range please

  5. yeah, we’re kinda slackin on Terminal 11 songs – pls step more of it FFR community!! (im serious btw)

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