Official Tournament 16 – Signups Open! Derustathon Begins!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution, Tournament on May 25th, 2023

It’s that time once again for another Official Official Tournament Post. Welcome to FlashFlashRevolution’s 16th Official Tournament. As always, get ready for intense elimination competition featuring an extraordinary lineup of the year’s most mind-blowing songs yet. Last year we raised the bar for the quality and presentation, and this year we hope to raise it even farther.

Want to sign-up for it? Click below, can’t miss it.

It’s that simple.

To those that might be firstcomers, or have never participated or watched FlashFlashRevolution’s Official Tournaments in the past, what is it?

The Official Tournament is a once-per-year event, where we call to arms all rhythm gaming 4-key players together to test their mettle and accuracy against one another in one of the oldest birthed rhythm games on the internet, in the traditional left, down, up and right arrows that ignited our love for rhythm games, and this website! It’s been over 20 years since the launch of FlashFlashRevolution, and our love for rhythm games expanded since then on how we play them! No matter what kind of 4 keys are pressed nowadays, FFR has grown to accommodate, and encourage anyone with the ability to hit keys fast, to sign-up.

Starting June 30th, participants will be divided into 8 divisions of skill, and will be given a week to earn the highest possible score for the host-selected song in their respective division. Every Friday between then and August 25th will see the lowest-scoring players eliminated, a new song released and another week to obtain scores. Survive 8 weeks, and be crowned king of your division! All songs/charts/maps are brand new, curated by some of the best Stepauthors in 4-key, and drafted specifically for this Official Tournament.

The one large change for this time around comes in the form of how the tournament has been managed in the background this time around. Instead of just one Game Manager handling song picks, placements, and basically everything else, this year we are trying a more spread out approach with the songs picks being decided by a panel of staff members from both the judge team and difficulty consultants. Placements will also be decided by this group, with the help of events team as well. This should hopefully make a more balanced and fun tournament regardless of what division you are apart of.

If you wish to check out more about the 16th Official Tournament, we have a Forum Thread dedicated for discussion around and during the tournament. Also, we have a Discord that has 1000′s of players talking every week! If you want to get a heads-up on your song every week, we also have OfficialFFR broadcasting on Twitch every Thursday night before songs go out! We hope to see you there, whether you laugh in excitement, or pale in fear of the songs to come!

In the meantime, our Events Team has an event for everyone that will last until the official tournament begins!

Welcome to Derustathon bingo!

In this event there will be a bingo card where each square corresponds to a challenge. If you complete the challenge for a square, you win credits. If you complete a full row of challenges, you win a profile badge, and completing three rows will earn you an event token! Check out the thread for all of the details!

-Velocity, the OT Committee, Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

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