FFRMas Day 10

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on December 22nd, 2020

We’re getting to the end of our 12 days of FFRMas, crazy how fast it’s going. Today I’ve got a new ilikexd file for ya:

Musician: KURORAK
Step Artist: ilikexd
Difficulty: 84
Song Length: 3:01

Spon-Con:Synthlight marathon!
Queue up: Alpha Helix, Stay With Me (Unlikely), Salad for Your Tuesday, Legend of Zelda Remix, Story of Snowman and Sunshine Girl, The Essential and get the best raw score you can.

Rules for this Spon-con

1. Backgrounds must be turned on
2. Cannot be played on rates, you must use 1
3. Scroll speed must be set to 1
4. Has to be done in a queue, cannot do each separately.

*Legacy files are filtered out by default on the new engine, if you don’t have it enabled to show them go to options —-> other options and check the display legacy box under the engine playlist section.

1st place will get 50,000 credits and a choice of 2 event or support tokens.
2nd place will get 40,000 credits and a choice of 2 event or support tokens.
3rd place will get 30,000 credits and a choice of event or support token.

Plus 2,750 credits to anyone who participates


8 Responses to “FFRMas Day 10”

  1. I beat FlynnMac!

  2. I beat FlynnMac!

  3. I beat FlynnMac!

  4. I beat FlynnMac!

  5. Man isn’t that hoodie awesome? Wish I had a hoodie like that.

  6. Magnets and Osu

  7. FFMas

  8. a shit wrong one

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