13th Official Tournament Round 3

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on July 15th, 2020

D1: Change Yourself [Light]
Traversing carefully across the barely illuminated and veiled path, the fog obscuring the depth and distance of the cliff began to thin itself out. Three fewer bodies arrived on the other side of the long-winded path, at least having an ability to see the ground beneath them now. The previous translucence along the competitors’ feet spanned into thin, equidistant coils, lighting the way to a chamber in front of them that had a platform affixed to the surface center. Without a clear path forward, the remaining members did the only logical step.

Convening in the chamber center caused the nearby area to flood with a substantial amount of light, obscuring the vision beyond the platform; after the light diffused, they found themselves surrounded by lightly clouded crystals towering above their head, showing what appeared to be their reflections — except, they didn’t quite stay in sync.

The previous insanity of the fauna gradiented downward, eventually leveling out to a much more familiar height. Left behind in the densities, five bodies were consumed by eager and hungry plants, though not an easy meal under any circumstance. Pushing away the final life-sized branches revealed a circular strip of track that at a glance, seemed untouched for quite some time. The competitors looked around briefly at their surroundings as they progressed through the area, skeptical of the unusual tranquility. Advancing with caution, a single step onto the road produced a thunderous sound reminiscent to that of a high-powered engine. Unidentified objects began to pass along the track at an exceptional speed, barely visible within each rotation.

D3: MIDI Beach
Clearing the windswept deserts left the competitors in a highly famished state. Pushing forward, the color and vibrancy of the surroundings increased tremendously, to a degree that they believed the mirages were unending. Continuing down the same northward path, the group navigated into a much more lavish appearance, stepping on warm sands and walking through deepening waters. Numerous players continued moving forward until the water ran over their heads, where an abrupt inhalation of water sent the less attentive voyagers into coughing fits.

The seas washed the competitors away from shore – while they were not the roughest, the intermittence of the shifting tides made floating in them rather annoying and more importantly, tiring.

D4: Pizza Hat
The chaos within the open layout stopped, with all displays on the left wall shutting off, filling the room with a very sudden silence; 12 bodies succumbed to the damage left from the impacts of the blasts. The still-standing parts of the party trod cautiously through the building, ending up on the other end to be met with a lot of sunlight. Immediately to the right of their exit was a single pillar, with a sequence of dots etched in a square plaque.

. ….. ….. … ….. . … .. . ….. …. .. . … ….. …. … ….. . ….. ….. . ….. .. … . . ….. …. …. .. …. .. … … . . ….. ….. … …. … .. ….. . … …. … ….. …. ….. . .. ….. . ….. ….. ….. …. … ….. . … .. ….. … .. …. .. ….. …. … …. … .. … . . … .. … ….. … ….. . … ….. . . ….. …. .. ….. … . ….. … ….. …. . … .. . … … . ….. … . … …. …. …. … . . .. …. ….. .

D5: Ani Mevushal
Dangerous encounters with the alluring garden were not without casualties; while a good majority of the party made it out unscathed, a few were left on their knees gasping fresh air past the man-made tunnel, now entirely filled with an invisible yet unbreathable vapor. The rattled competitors did not have much time to take a break, nor did they have the ability to reel over 15 more of their own gone.

With minimal time to recover, it became immediately clear that the mortal danger was far from over. Slow thuds began to rattle the area as the sky began to morph into a reddish-orange tint; the soundscape slowly filled with chants of varying distortions. The remaining members all began experiencing a myriad of discomforting visual and auditory incoherencies, with the heating of their own bodies at the surface becoming slowly more prevalent.

D6: Trap Funk
At the helm of the brutal turret, the magenta-donned femme fatale operating the destructive gun managed to tack on 12 more tally marks before disappearing from view. In the wake of the intense battle, the group was finally able to exit the ultramodern metropolis with northward progress, quickly arriving at a dysfunctional mirror of the overly extravagant city they were in mere minutes ago.

The voice of a single competitor cut through the lack of sound. “Stop.” At command, the entire group gazed uneasily at the initiation of the command, following a well-focused flashlight provided by the one initiating the order. It initially revealed a thin but visible beam of red light, with the angle revealing a lattice-like pattern that didn’t have a clear origin.

“Get back.” Clearly familiar with this situation, they tossed their flashlight into the barrier of beams. No sooner than the plane was broken, thin blades poked upwards of 15 feet from the ground. The remaining competitors stared in shock at the near miss of being human skewers.

“Shocker.” Their gaze spanned into the booby trapped city, making brief contact with a decrepit statue of a well-dressed gentleman pretentiously curtsying. Clearly they have a history.

D7: HeadXplit
The entrance into the structure brought no relief to their lack of sight — leaving the castle exterior brought them into complete darkness with the main gate being no longer accessible for a swift escape. To make matters worse, the only sense of location the fighters had was their positioning relative to the high-pitched, shrill screaming from the beasts shrouded entirely in darkness, with every step easily being the last without any indication.

An intensified, shrill screech echoed through the imperceptible walls of the structure, followed by a tremendous slam along the surface they stood on – a hit so strong, even the ground beneath their feet could do nothing more than ripple at the sheer magnitude of the force; parts of the area beneath them began to expose the familiar, magma-like brightness in small lines, breaking the darkness just enough to show the monsters in question. Positions were no longer unknown, on either side.

D8: J-CORE SLi//Cer Technique
Sparing absolutely no interest in the growing infestation, the fighters wasted no time in ravaging the cluster of unknown along the cave face. Without any sort of abandon, they sliced through the bulbous sacs lining the area in front of them, clearing the initially obscured path. The tips of the stalactites began to rise, suggesting that the cave top was disappearing out of the minimal vision the lack of light was providing.

The group’s path of advancement was that of a few meters, arriving at a basin that contained cleanly split diamond-shaped platforms, colored very similarly to the land along the edges of it. They were spaced approximately a full stride for those of average height, lying roughly a foot above the surface of the water, The tide appeared quite calm at the surface — while the depths of the body were not immediately clear through the dimness of the natural light, it was clear that the water itself was quite clean, and deceptively nonthreatening.

-TC_Halogen & psychoangel691

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  1. Neat lol

  2. Nice

  3. will the answer to that morse code lookin’ thing in Pizza Hat’s description be revealed eventually?

  4. a triangular shaped hat of your favourite food will grant almighty power

  5. I have translate the Morse code but i don’t get what to do with the result ? “eddtdetiednietdntdeddediteednninitteeddtntidetntdndeidedddntdetidtinidntntiteetitdtdetdeednidtedtdnetiettedtetnnnteeinde”

  6. It’s not morse code

  7. How many unique letters are there in the result you got?

  8. Gotta say, love reading these XD

  9. Andrew, Only 5 please guide me senpai. I thought it could be a Modified Playfair cipher, but i don’t get any result 0_0

  10. What cipher other than Playfair could you think of?

  11. wow that was painful

  12. Youch

  13. I got it working, but how khave you found the keyword ? of this polybius square key. In PV if you want to keep it a secret n_n

  14. You don’t have to find a keyword.

  15. How have you found the polybius square key then ? WXY/GZAB… ?

  16. As we don’t need to find a keyword to break the cipher, we need to use something common in our lives to solve it. It’s something characteristic that you could find in every language.

    This puzzle is tricky because you actually need to complete 3 steps to finish it. I’m guessing you have somehow combined steps 2 and 3 together. Look at the key you’ve obtained: What do you think the last step is?

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