13th Official Tournament Round 2

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on July 7th, 2020

D1: Embrace
Three souls conceded their journeys within the brutal changes of elevation, vowing not to proceed further. The front-runners of the remaining 20 pushed onward, noticing that while the topography began to even itself out, it also began to increase in translucence. Trekking roughly a few hundred meters, the group came across an expansive void, shrouded in a substantial fog in all directions; the ground beneath their feet was invisible to the naked eye, as if they were simply floating in place. The light source beneath their feet was quite uniform, occasionally brightened by substructural flashes which revealed boundaries of the floating path to follow.

A seemingly unintelligible voice fills the soundscape — “Owlbkmo iyeb losxq…”

D2: Child Protective Services Theme Song [Standard]
As one individual after another made it through the small, pitch black valley, the group would soon come to realize that seven of their familiars simply did not make it to the other side; their fates, simply to be forgotten like others who succumbed to these previous blood sports. With the return of natural light all within eyeshot, competitors continuously found themselves attempting to reacclimate to what felt normal at first glance. Wildlife superseded their own heights by unfathomable amounts, with trees shrouding the skyline and any points of real distance.

Their own bodies appeared unimpeded, but the disconnect of perceptions seemed to indicate that a normally short voyage would be much more arduous than initially perceived.

D3: Cheeseburger
The torrents would eventually subside, giving way to the front-most edge of a forest whose bounds were being passed by the traveling group. Beyond it: searing suns and barren wastelands. The soupiness of the wooded area was counteracted with a dry but unbearable heat, with no water sources in sight in any direction. The less gritty members of the party wandered off into their own, fearing their untimely end out of pure exhaustion.

Attention would turn to an interruption in the desolation: a burger-shaped structure with a patio, inviting with various beverages. The group all flocked in the direction, only for it to dematerialize as soon as it had invited a look. Their condition continued to deteriorate.

The sequential quakes came to a halt for long to assume that the cataclysmic conditions may actually come to an end. Many of the various buildings spanning the perimeter from their initial drop zone had been reduced to rubble and with them, 12 members of the group disappeared to unfortunate fates. Forging ahead past the rubble, a peculiar atrium stood before them, with window sizes corresponding perfectly to the square-shaped tiles beneath their feet. The tiles underneath their feet springboarded them across the large space, scattering the bodies at random.

To their left, a massive screen covering an overwhelming majority of the wall face tiled the display of a face-masked individual, covering everything but bright blue eyes. A silver token inserted into an apparatus led to random floor tiles blinking a bright red, sending a ray of electricity to zap the affected squares.

D5: Sunset Sky Garden
Travel along the city limits yielded minimal results and was a relatively uneventful process; unfortunately, numerous people did not heed their own internal instincts and attempted to proceed into the darkness outside of the edge of the observable light, leaving 15 to simply vanish. A familiar cat-calling whistle diffused the soundscape, coming from north of the illuminated metropolis. Given no real direction, the large party advanced towards the sound, arriving at an absolutely stunning display within an incalculably large dome, extending for miles in every direction. Inside of the dome, a tremendous variety of vivid and intensely colored flora populated well beyond what any of the eyes could see.

With the last person entering the dome, a barrier materialized behind them all. A noxious vapor began to collect within their area, with light and visibility ever so slowly reducing.

D6: Raspberry Railgun
The last robot kicked to the curb fled into one of the futuristic looking skyscrapers, clearly malfunctioning at full on rejection from a good majority of the remaining competitors — though 11 of them gave in to the inhuman infatuation. Hoping to advance out of the drone hell, the remaining competitors grouped together out of spite, trying to shift their way north, only to run into a new challenger: another android — this one, was much more communicative than the previous counterparts.

“Leaving so soon? We were just getting started.” Dressed entirely in a red-purple hue, donned in matching lipstick and sitting in the comfortable seat of a turret, a deluge of projectiles flew towards competitors at random.

D7: The Glorious (Final Sketch Remix)
The remaining members crossed the lava-torn ground, six people lighter than before — likely victims to the brutal turbulence coming from the instability of the ground. The vicious bellowing from the creature increased in volume, though the shakiness of the surface beneath them appeared to cease, for now. The ripped stones began to gradient into a gravel-like surface along their feet as they traveled along, eventually arriving at a tremendous wall that spanned well beyond visibility. A castle-like structure lied before them all, appearing abandoned, but accessible.

The titans would only progress mere meters before an ear-shattering screech would cause them all to fall.

D8: Brrrreeed Cicadididi
The activity within the arena was about as forceful as expected, with the competitors making absolutely no attempt to journey or travel, attempting to instead inflict large amounts of harm to one another out of sheer boredom. A lone titan walked over to the midpoint of the arena, leveraging unparalleled strength to lift a large cap covering an entry downward. With no rhyme or reason, they simply jumped down to the depths. The others followed shortly after.

Colliding with the earthy floor, it was very much a one way entry. Stalactites of varying sizes coated the roof. With nowhere to really go aside from forward, the group progressed further into the depths, with natural light finding a way through minimal crevices. When the group arrived at a dead end, they beheld a sight of eggs lining the cave wall in front of them and much to their displeasure — it was hatching time.

Somehow in error a challenge was missed and Dancing On Blades still looms.

-TC_Halogen & psychoangel691

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