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Bok-XN writes...
at 1:32:31am on 2/4/20
U Suck. Foight meh. I'll foight Strayte as well m8.
V-Ormix writes...
at 3:42:54pm on 12/11/19
ten billion grande totlas
Josemba writes...
at 12:56:20pm on 9/25/19
wtf 200 AAAs, nice work
Matthia writes...
at 5:18:09am on 8/3/19
WUT nice odd-22 pushed me out of #14 :o
reuben_tate writes...
at 1:49:25am on 1/3/19
I'm sending this message to everyone in D7. If you don't want ffrmania for the final round, please let me know.
Skullbac writes...
at 1:34:03pm on 9/5/18
stahp dis mad man
SoFast writes...
at 2:41:32pm on 6/4/18
bit late but holy smokes nice bf on SoS
Zoobin4 writes...
at 7:22:34am on 5/19/18
D8 soon?
WhatWhat123 writes...
at 12:03:53pm on 4/23/18
get a pfp nerd
HitlerWasRight writes...
at 3:48:06pm on 4/14/18
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