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Hi, i'm Michael, I'm pretty dang friendly but unfortunately its overshadowed by my social awkwardness and immense shyness. I try to be social though so if you ever wanna chat, don't be afraid to say hi~
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13.5th Official Tournament Log D_?
Posted on: October 14, 2020, at 11:40:55pm   [3 comments]
Division - ?
Goal - ?


Pre Thoughts: Aww heck here we go again.


13th Official Tournament Log D6 + D7 + D8
Posted on: June 28, 2020, at 03:25:21pm   [3 comments]
Division - Division 6, Ghosting D7, EDIT: Ghosting D8!!
Goal - ?

Pre Thoughts: Oh boy lucky number 13th OT time. As if the Nerves Counter wasn't exploding before this, the OT is gonna make that counter SKYROCKET. Idk how to feel this OT, i've definitely improved since the last OT and i feel like the only way i'm gonna be eliminated this tournament if i get unlucky with song patterns or the songs being too easy hehe but we'll see huh. It was looking hopeful that the past D6 tournament i technically got 1st that tournament but got cucked by Cest What. Lets see if this OT will replicate that (Hopefully not :P).
On the other end, who knows what division i'll really get put into; Lvl 92 btw!111 at the time posting this.

As always, Nerves are overpowered and most of all, best of luck to my friends (Met some amazing people overtime).


Round 1: kiss the sexy robot ultimate championship 201X!!!
Final score: Blackflag
Pretty banger of a song, after watching the preview i just knew how awkward the Vis-Cracked wannabe awkward anchors would be about quarter in. Sightread was like 6,0,2,0. Was pretty sus about the misses but most of the goods were from the awkward anchors lol. 2nd run around was 5,0,0,2 again all on the awkward anchors. After iso'ing it and getting the feel of it, i gave it another run and got 1,0,1,2 cue the nerves! Thankfully i kept it together throughout and only ate 1 boo. The miss and good were both random but yeah improvement, dont think it would've mattered since its just round 1 but there ya go.

EDIT: During warmup got a Blackflag. Thank you rando goods even after holding it together through nerves, oh well maybe AAA if i feel like playing it again which sure since its a banger.

D7 Round 1: Inferno of Fomalhaut
Final score: 11,0,0,1
Well the patterns especially the 13 2 13 pattern near the end is totally out of my comfort zone, however this is the PERFECT tournament file! It's quite the banger and it's got every kinda skillset in FFR! Just an overall round tournament file. As for scores everyone is already high SDG'ing this. Sightread was something like 17,0,2,2 don't really remember how the run went but i can offically say we have our first nerves killed run with a 11,0,0,1 ALL at the end (AAA up till about 200 notes left). Imagine being more nervous in a division that's not even yours compared to your own division file.

BONUS: D8 Round 1: G e n g a o z o
Final score: 22,2,6,2
Why the heck not? Apparently people we're saying how good my score was even though personally i didnt think it was that good (I guess my lack of self esteem is showing.) Pretty much how i describe this song is Almost There but with no filler inbetween the 32nds. Anyway on with the scores, SR which is still my pb as i'm writing this. 22,2,6,2 Pretty much dropped everything on the 32nd parts. I had a period of not being able to get close to my SR PB but after a couple tries i'm getting close, i know i can pb it. Gimme a skillboost and i can prob take on D8 too hehe :P.


Intermission: It's just the first round. Not much going on, i still yet to get a "green hue" aka AAA on this account (I say this account because my 1 handed account did get AAA's in the Rusty Tournament). I can say that this is the highest placement i've stayed in for a whole round, tied for 3rd. But obviously its just the 1st round. Still in on D7 too. Obviously eliminated in D8 but i'll keep ghosting that too probably until the songs become unplayable for me lol. Here's to round 2!


Round 2: Raspberry Railgun
Final Score: 1,1,0,1
Loool my sightread was hilarious at first, literally got nervous before even starting the song and started to lose composure around 300 notes in. After warming up with the D8 file (Pretty weird huh) i decided to give it another go and actually ended up with a 3,0,1,1. Everything was on my part and i was kinda surprised since everyone in D6 was kinda freaked with this song and i dont blame them. I'll probably improve this.
EDIT: 4,0,0,2. Accidentally played with mirror on but decided to go with it, so many runs died to nerves before this one, gonna keep trying to improve.
EDIT: 1,1,0,1. I'm just gonna tell myself i AAA'd this because i either got rekt by nerves or in this case, the game was cursed.

D7 Round 2: The Glorious (Final Sketch Remix)
Final Score: 5,0,2,4
Wow this and D8's song this round are very nice, i like them, as for this song though it can be tough because there's obligratory nerves but my main problem is getting hella rando goods. Sightread was 17,0,1,1 even though i feel like i had a SDG on that, 2nd time around i got 13,0,0,1. I don't feel safe right now but i can improve, i'm getting the hang of the trills now.
EDIT: 5,0,2,4. Another cursed score that should've been like 3,0,0,1. I hate how this is my PB now and i hope to improve it.

D8 Round 2: Brrrreeed Cicadididi
Final Score; 27,1,0,2
Watching this on preview i thought the notes would be really condensed but it's pretty comfortable actually, the only hard part for me would be the middle part, there are some gnarly one handed patterns that can mess with me. I can see what people mean by awkward patterns, it definitely is an awkward file but i really like it. Sightread was like 50 raw couple of runs later ended up with 31,1,1,4, I literally got nervous on the d8 file lol feelsbadman.
EDIT: 31,0,1,1. I still know i can get mid 20s or even teens raw on this i just have to get a good run on this and hope nerves dont kill it, this should've been a 20s raw good run but nerves. This series of new PB's are all cursed runs from a cursed session lol.
EDIT: Forgot i got a 27,1,0,2. Neat FC but just shows that i can totally get a breakthrough score soon.

Intermission: So we have made it to the cursed Round 3. D7 so far ghosting wise has been pretty rocky as placement wise i have been in the lower pack of the safe area but still alive in D7! Obviously dead in D8 but i'm going to keep ghosting probably until the files become unplayable for me lol. All the files this round seem good and whats even better is they seem like bangers too; Which is kinda crucial for me as it helps ease my nerves listening to good songs. Hopefully this time around i won't get cucked in Round 3, best of luck to all my friends still in and off we go.


Round 3: Trap Funk
Final Score: 7,2,1,4
Ayiiiiiiiii screw this file lol. Only redeeming value from this is its kind of a banger but not enough for nerves to kill ALL my runs, for reference, my Nerves Counter went from 30 to 43 in ONE session, yeah. Anyway on with the scores, SR of like 17,0,5,5 in which i thought to myself "Oh boy the round 3 curse has begun already." Tried grinding a little bit after but kept dying to bloody nerves by endings time which everyone says its hard, its not. Only later did i realize how much similiarity this is to Eternal Peace (Like the anchor with a jack in the middle of it about quarter in.) which got me eliminated last OT, also during round 3! Talked about hella cursed huh. Anyways after tilting and surprisingly not mindblocking for a while and getting very small pb's (At the time, 16th to 15th to 13th to 10th to ultimately landing on 6th), got a semi breakthrough score of 7,2,1,4 Now i can't tell if this is super cursed or blessed, blursed even lol. For the first time ever i actually got a LAG SPIKE about middle in which dropped me about 1,2,0,0. Blessed thing about that is i wasn't as nervous normally (Probably because of the lagged part) as i would be for the ending and then AAA'd the ending. (Again not that hard of an ending, nerves bait and stuff). I'm hoping i dont have to play this anymore and i dont think i do which thank goodness. I'll play it for funsies i guess if i'm bored though. Round 3 curse maybe over? We'll see!

D7 Round 3: HeadXplit
Final Score: 19,0,0,5
Same thing as D8's file, some gnarly transitions but overall it flows well because its jumpstream. I didn't really get a good sightread in because i just kept quitting out as soon as i messed up royally in a transition. But my first submitted score was around 19,0,3,0 but after a few warmups and near the end of my session when i was playing really good i gave it another go and got 19,0,0,5. SDG is definitely possible because i dropped a cluster of 11 goods in one spot because i messed up a transition but it'll depend if my nerves wanna ruin the fun or i somehow have a non nervous run which haha i wish.

D8 Round 3: J-CORE SLi//CER Technique
Final Score: 41,3,1,2
At first i didn't like this song because it had some gnarly transitions but after a few more runs i started to get the hang of it and hope to get a breakthrough score soon. Sightread wasn't so good though, it was like 99 raw but then the PB after that was about 55 raw before ultimately ending off (for now) with 41,3,1,2 but i hope to get like 20 raw in the future.


Intermission: At long last after 3 OTs. The round 3 curse has been broken! I've noticed that i've been much more nervous during the round 3 song than round 1 and 2 so far. Could it be the extra pressure of finally getting out of round 3? I felt unsafe for the whole week even though even my SR score of 15,0,2,2 made it through lol. To top it all off, i even made it to round 4 in D7! Talk about a huge confidence booster (kinda.) I thought my score wouldn't have been good enough but i knew i would have been able to improve if needed be. Onto round 4 for the first time ever!


Round 4: looming shadow of a tree long gone
Final Score: Blackflag
Hoooo boy already starting off with a tight cutoff. First off; People are saying this is an 88, i HARD disagree, this is at best an 84-85. It's a straightforward song and everyone thought the hardest part was keeping stamina which fine. But this far into D6? If no one has stamina at this point then i don't know. I'm also bamboozled this is r4 of all rounds, this would've been more fit for like round 2 or 3. Trap Funk is definitely harder. At least its a hell of a banger in a way, sounds cool. Anyway on with the scores:
Sightread was 15,1,2,3. Nerves decimated this run, had 1g up to the last quarter or so. That's like 16 raw in just one quarter, already i was thinking "So i make it past the r3 curse only to lose in round 4." 2nd try around, still nervous (I really should've cooled off) but this time AAA till about last quarter (I swear the last quarter is nothing special its just nerves get hard to control at that point!) 7,2,0,3. Funny to think at this point i thought i was semi safe but at the time of making this post, cutoff is SDG, oof. Now get this; 1 last run for the night. 3,0,0,0, ALL the goods at the beginning, now i didn't do this on purpose but it was coincidential that i proceeded to AAA the rest of the file, advanced strats to avoid nerves haha. Unfortunately STILL i felt unsafe with this score so i decided to give it more tries. Cue the nerves killing all my runs in the last quarter and chokes on nothing for no reason. Finally after a stream today. (July 23rd) BLACKFLAG. In the probably last note of the file, i saw no green hue indicating i got a good, it really hurt to see and felt like i really deserved the AAA after holding nerves down. (Still never had an AAA green hue around my name in any tournament btw), but now i feel like i can chillax for Round 5 without getting possibly snipped with 3g. Hoping my boy Sanjixicon will pull through this song. Felt like he got cheated how it went EASIER than HARDER the more rounds we are in. Rooting for you Sanjixicon!

D7 Round 4: Chronomia
Final Score: 18,4,1,4
HeadXplit vibes. Except this time around HeadXplit weeded out the slower players but this time around its all speedy boys. I already don't think i'm going to get through this song because yes i might be speedy but handstream too strong. Sightread was 27,0,3,2. The 2 main problems for me is well, the handstreams. Its like pulse but better. But the transition from 24ths into the first handstream and then the 2nd handstream near the end is a bit too speedy for me. Cutoff is already looking like 2g which i highly doubt i'll get but hey. Getting to r4 in D7 is pretty neat, maybe i'll get a score enough to be in the higher half of D7 (18th place). Rooting for my guy Pizza!

D8 Round 4: I'm A Fucking Idiot
Final Score: 81,2,9,6
Here it is. I saw this file in the batch and knew that this file would hella intimdate and when i saw it on stream oh boy. After 3 rounds of seemingly too playable for D8 files for me. We seem to finally be getting to the actual D8 stuff that i struggle to keep up with. But mainly it might be because the main part (About halfway in) is SUPER unfriendly for semi penntankos like me. OHT with 2 framer jumps inbetween that lasts forever? Haha you must be joking. Sightread was something ungodly like 180 raw. I can probably halve this but i really have to pray for RNG and somehow cheese my way through the OHT part lol.
EDIT: 81,2,9,6. I got gud on the oht parts but i still fall behind especially on my left hand (I can kinda do the right hand OHTs), Didnt realize how close i was to 100g raw, maybe i'll try to go for it?


Intermission: After 3 OTs, i have reached Top 16 and technically unlocked Fractured Sunshine. Exciting! On another note i have finally fallen in D7, cutoff of 4g clean was way too much out of my reach; Finishing inbetween 18th and 19th out of 37 so i'd say i reached my goal of getting to the higher half of D7 gg and good luck to Pizza. Now back to D6 life, this is where the scores really matter. Round 5; Top 16 getting cut in half for Top 8 and you got some serious contenders at this point. Im spooked! With the seriously tight cutoff of 5g clean last round idk how i'm gonna feel about this round but last round got rid of some super good players. RIP my mans Sanjixcon, was hoping me and him would be in the finals but he unfortunately succumbed. This ones for him and i hope not to dissapoint! Lets do this!

Whoops i forgot to post this during round 5 lol.

Round 5: Cobra Commander
Final Score: 1,0,1,0
Alright here we go. Lots to talk about to strap in and lets get this chat going. At first in previews i thought it would be WAY too easy still but playing it, it did seem a tad harder then the previews showed but still not freaking hard enough!! Also i can say for the first time that this is the first song that i can confidently say made me cringe and give me minor headaches with the high pitches and just overall the song was just unpleasent. Scoring wise my SR was somewhere's around <20 raw. I swear the hardest part is the series of high pitch single noted rainbow notes near the end because holy moly they go on FOREVER and with nerves and extreme shakyness at that point its literally impossible lol. Few runs later i tried not to play this in many successions because it's very mindblockable. 7,0,3,2 into a few runs later again, 5,2,0,3. The 2 averages were very unfortunate kinda like my Looming averages.
It's very hard to grind this without feeling like you might mindblock, i always force myself to stop when i feel like i'm starting to hit patterns awkward. Btw pattern wise this song doesn't seem that hard (Duh), but it honestly makes for a good tourney file now that i think about it, challenging almost every skillset kinda like how every song should be. Unfortunately it's still way too easy this far in. Skip to a few days later, i'm playing this song and nerves proceed to kill a few runs but then i get a breakthrough at the time. 4,0,1,0. At the time i felt safe which in the end no way would it have been safe like jesus, skip a few more nerves runs and i finally get an unintentional score of 1,0,1,0. Now don't get me wrong i did not intend on the miss literally 50 notes in but i decided to run with it and it actually helped with nerves lol yay for unintentional anti nerves strats (But honestly i was expecting a missflag without the rando good but i thought i would be safe. I still tried to improve over the next few days but i could never pull through either because of nerves or rando goods/misses. Like i almost had a score of 2,0,0,2 which would've been a PB despite the messy score by a whole good (Just shows how much misses count raw good wise).
So i decided to not try to improve as much and hopefully let my score pass me through and boy the week was STRESSFUL. Started in 2nd and in the end dropped down to freaking 5th and here i was thinking "Oh my goodness is 1,0,1,0 really aboutta eliminate me?" Last day comes around and i'm still in 5th but scores are TIGHT, boy i was sweating bullets lol.

D7 Round 5: Vantablack
Final Score: 31,1,2,4
Long boy song! Never thought i'd see the day that there's purely blue and red note bursts (Albiet they were really just condensed trills and ohts, yuck). But overall this song is really hard lol like the white note sections and 48th burst transitions. Quite the difficulty curve (UNLIKE D6). I don't even remember my Sightread but it was probably like 60 raw (This is what i get for not updating while i get these scores smh). Cutoff was hella brutal with an almost SDG with my final score at rounds end being 31,1,2,4. Pretty much i just have to get lucky on the white note burst in the first climax and hope i hit the transitions without bleeding goods.

D8 Round 5: Track title
Final Score: 275,21,64,25
Alright while Idiot may have been playable but i'm just really bad at ohts letalone LONG ohts (Cries in Semi-Penntanko) this song was quite the song to see on previews especially the ending that i like to nickname Die.Jpg. This is where my scores become not so D8 or D7 because i simply cannot keep up with some parts; Mainly the ending and the jumpstream in the middle like as if the jumpstream wasn't fast enough they decided to throw in condensed 32nds burst like oof lol i cannot do that. Ending is quite the meme and always a blast to play. I think my ghosting days of D8 are over at this point because i simply cannot get a confident enough score to post this. Score is 275,21,64,25. PB is almost endless at this point because i can keep fiddling it down but yeah lol.


Intermission: ALERT! ALERT! I cannot believe with my eyes that i have actually made top freaking 8, as a semi penntanko! I was so stresed the last hour thinking i would be taken over but in the end i wasn't and ahhhhhhhh i was SO excited and i still am!! Thank you everyone who believed in me to make it this far!! So many friends along the journey perrished and i feel like it's just me at this point (All my friends are dead, push me to the edge.) This tournament so far has been SO against me but i never gave up and kept pushing forwards even with nerves and song choices not being so nice to me (Especially this round coming up which we'll get to shortly and this might be the end for me). I'm sure everyone is still rooting for me so i'll keep trying not to dissapoint and make it to the top!


Round 6: Armageddon
Final Score: 8,0,1,1
I lose.

D7 Round 6: [line:epsilon]
Final Score: 13,0,3,0
This file was pretty neat. Everything flowed well but there's like 3 main 32nd patterns (2 about middle in, and the last anchor into 32nds) that get me but i know for sure i can hit them and probably bump this down to an SDG. Just requires teh urn. Also found out that this was supposed to be used for round 5 over Vantablack which i guess explains why there was an arguably easier song this round compared to last round. Either way cool song and could be a good equiv gain for me.

D8 Round 6: Zygourous Distribution
Final Score: N/A
Alright while Track Titl- Okay i won't say that again but for realsies though this file is way too condensed, fast, and stamina draining for me to play legit and i might have to finally start resorting to full on mashing while i'd hate to do but yeah; Guess i'll get a run in for this eventually just to get a score logged here.


Final Impressions: Welp so this is where i finally end in the tournament, i did not think i was gonna end in only Round 6 of the tournament, really thought i would have made it to the top which it's a very humbling feeling especially when lots of people (You know who you guys are, ty for all the support <3) rooted for you to go to the top and i guess i'm that type of person to never want to let anyone down. Ironically finished in 7th place which i kinda hard called on stream like 3 rounds into the tournament lol.
Anyway yeah; Split jumptrills got the better of me but i tried my best, pretty hard to hit split jumptrills as a semi-penntanko because it's pretty much 2 double ohts. I wouldn't say i got outplayed by the players but rather then system yet again, not really as upset as i should be since i was the first ever semi penntanko to make it to top 8 of an OT so quite the milestone.
Thank you again everyone for rooting for me! It's really amazing how far i've come since joining and reminding myself to get involved with the community many years after i joined initially back in late 07. I'm gonna kick back and relax for a little bit since whoo boy that was a mentally exhausting tournament lol. I'll maybe ghost the last 2 rounds even though i said i wouldn't because it would be just to spite me but time to prove a point.

Final Placement: 7th (The irony.)


D6 Round 7: Forgotten
Final Score: 6,0,1,1
It bothers me that this was being talked about being the finals for D6 which like at this rate i wouldn't have been surprised lol. During my break i decided to give this song an offline run with a new set of offsets that i have now retracted and got the run of 6,0,1,1 which should've been safe but then i found out after that it wasn't; Whatever; i could've improved this easily if i wanted to so i'll pretend that i could've passed this song easily. Cool file though and surprisingly tough (But this far into D6 lol.)

D7 Round 7: We Want to Run
Final Score: N/A
Holy moly that is a super intimidating nps graph lol. I could see the hype with this song because it really is one of Frum's best songs out there, hell of a bop! But yeah, really hard and i haven't put a score in and idk if i will until i have a good session to get through the ending on a good day.

D8 Round 7: Isometry
Final Score: N/A
What's this? Actual bops this far into D8? Impossible! Lol anyways another song that i forgot to play during my break but i'll be sure to play this soon because it really does seem like a bop. (Minus the long 14 jump anchors with split jumptrills inbetween, i have ptsd with this pattern i swear.)


Final Score: 11,0,1,2
So this is what D6 gets as finals; Honestly, not what i was expecting but let's do this. I do think the files pretty fun but i don't really think it's suitable as a finals song imo but it does have it's hard parts in it and spiky parts, kinda like a more friendly and shorter Vantablack. Sightread was something that already off the bat would've put me at 2nd, something like 15,0,4,4. But following a run after a few warmup games, instantly 1st place and here i was thinking "okay it's really about to happen, i'm gonna ghost to 1st again but this time in an OT." Some parts did feel mindblockable (like the 48th stuff in which my PB i dropped like almost everything on but it might've just been me being stupid). But nothing out of the ordinary that would make me struggle. (of course not!) Skip to a couple days later and me and Cryolien are going back and forth with 1st really, but in the end albeit i stopped playing for a bit at this rate, he improved to 4,1,0,2. Pretty good score, if i had more motivation (which i should've so i could've bragged that i ghosted to 1st), i could've probably beaten it (Probably would've been hard because of nerves and possible mindblocks) but doable.

D7 Round 8: Sinthasomphone
Final Score: 53,1,8,3
Errrr.... Idk what to say about this file other than i did not see this coming especially coming out of We Want to Run. Vs this and Run, this (and somewhat D6) finals we're kinda underwhelming not gonna lie, but mostly D7 tbh. The file is hard yeah but i don't feel that extra spice to make this a good finals song. The song overall is tough and super technical, couldn't keep up with the YU condensed jacks that i am simply too slow to hit and the ending trill (meme btw) was super RNG. Sometimes i would nail it only dropping like 3 goods and maybe a miss or boo, or sometimes i would just obliterate my good PB with 20+ raw goods in the ending alone lol. Stamina inducing file too and it really is a neat file but imo, not for D7 finals. Sightread was just below 100 raw which i found okay if this plans on being a 103+ (I think 103 on the spot is good.) but i kept fiddling this score down till i ultimately got 53,1,8,3 which at this point i think i can still fiddle it down but it's getting pretty tight.

D8 Round 8: Revenge
Final Score: 440,19,170,19
I think the reason why i thought the D7 finals was underwhelming is because i was under the impression that THIS was gonna be d7 finals (because i thought someone said that Revenge was planning to be a 105 or so.), boy was i ever wrong. I was stupid and decided to place this near the start of a stream earlier in the week with little to no warmup and thought "hey this first half is going pretty good so far!" And then came the 2nd half, i tried my best to keep up without mashing but with no warmup (even then with warmup, i probably wouldve ran out of stamina and or wouldnt keep up either way because duh, this is D8 finals.) I'm clearly out of my debt here (as i was when r6 came around). Clearly at this point the files are only for the best out there and i'm obviously not there. (yet.) Sightread was my final score above, not the best for obvious reasons but idk when i'll come back to this without having to resort to mashing lol.


After AFTER Thoughts:
And so, the tournament ends. I pretty much threw my thoughts at the end of my elimination, i really do appreciate the organizers and step filers because there were some serious bops and fun files (which from my nerves stand of point, i appreciate it.). It is a humbling feeling that with little to no effort (Ok fine maybe i tried a little bit in the finals song for D6) that i would've gotten 2nd easily. But with a bit more effort i think i could've pushed for 1st. Cool tournament otherwise and finally got to unlock Fractured and Strangeprogram, which i've been wanting to try out Fractured since the 10th OT.

Unofficial Final Placement: 2nd

Nerves Counter
Posted on: June 9, 2020, at 11:49:32pm   [1 comment]
Shoulda started this a long time ago, gonna keep a counter of how many runs died to my own nerves starting today.

12th Official Tournament Log (D6) + (D7)
Posted on: July 31, 2019, at 04:30:34pm   [1 comment]
Goal: Top 16
Nerves OP
Oh yeah, and best of luck to all my friendz~

AFTER EDIT: Scores outdated, skillboosted since. Keeping for log sakes.

Round 1: Ambient Ooparts
Sightread, can improve on this because i got 5-6 goods at the beginning and pretty much AAA'd the rest.
EDIT: Almost mindblocked the beginning and that would've really sucked, fortunately; Couple runs later after messing up the beginning all the time i AAA'd the beginning this time around (Except for 1 miss.) and ended up with a 5,0,1,0. Pretty confident this'll take me to round 2~
EDIT 2: 6,0,0,3. 3rd times the charm for NERVES huh? Oh well, gained 2 placements and more comfortable to move onto round 2 now.
EDIT 3: Ghosting D7 now! 15,1,1,1 and i'm definitely making some scores! Early to say but am i going to make it to round 2 in D7? That would be sick! Oh yeah and 4,0,0,1 on Ambient because i wanted to play it for the luls, im trying too much for round 1 but its a solid score, see you in round 2!

D7 Round 1: Super Soaker
This file is really a hit or miss with people and on my end i'd say it's a hit. I kept pb'ing but i started off with 22,2,2,3 and ended off with 15,1,1,1 which i was pretty proud of myself for and it got me to round 2 in D7, exciting!

INTERMISSION: Strained my left arm earlier this week and lost alot of motivation to play lately, going to try to motivate myself to give it my all this tournament but wait till my arm is healed.

Round 2: Lamuscore
As pointed above, left arm down hurts and im not into it as much as i used to be, got a 16,0,0,1 or something off the bat, the rolls at the end kinda suck. 2 runs or so later and i 7,0,1,1, probably can improve more but i'd rather not push my limit.
EDIT: 8,0,0,2. I love me some rando goods.
EDIT2: 6g clean, dropped 5 on the ending rip, partial nerves and i'd say rando goods but still a good score, done for a couple of days to take a break. Will come back to maybe improve but other than that, good.

D7 Round 2: October (Dark Autumn Remix)
Fun file except for the slow crossover anchor 1 hand trill stuff half way aka all my weaknesses combined. Sightread 23,0,3,0 and 2 runs later; 20,0,0,2, couldve been an amazing score but i dropped 10+ goods on the slow one hand trills zzz.
EDIT: 15,1,0,1. Lots of rando goods which sucks but still an improvement which i'm fairly happy about. Gained me 2 placements in D7 which might get me to round 3 haha imagine that!

INTERMISSION: So i didn't make it past round 2 for D7 which sucks but it's alright. Making it past round 1 (even if everyone put in a score, i would still make it through!) for D7 is good enough in my book, i will still continue to ghost D7 however. Anyways! The past 2 OTs i've taken place in i was eliminated going into round 4 despite always having some of the best scores from round 1 and or 2, mainly due to me getting sick of some sort. Feeling healthy this time around so we'll see if i can get past my so called curse.

Round 3: Eternal Peace Is Nothing But An Illusion
So the curse of the round 3 is already strong with me. This file sucks to get straight to the point, i can get to the 2nd half with 2 or less goods but drop a million on the 2nd half with the trills and stuff, sightread 19,1,1,1;my average runs after that consisted of 30 raw goods which was disheartening. Fortunately; couple runs later i pb'd with some score that moved me up a little bit and then a couple more runs later, 10,1,4,4,nerves really are strong with this one which sucks that the hard part in my opinion is not till the 2nd half. Don't know if this'll take me to round 4 but i'll try to improve but won't give it much thought.
EDIT: 15,1,1,2,royally messed up in one spot but still an improvement.
EDIT 2: Can't improve anymore, mindblocked and i'm in the yellow. Getting eliminated round 3 again... What a bummer.

D7 Round 3: LOSHAXI
Let's just say.. If i made it to round 3 of D7 then i would be insta eliminated here. Averaging about 50g raw,, on a good run however i could half that raw so i'll keep trying.

INTERMISSION: So i'm eliminated at round 3 4 years later. It's not even that i'm not good enough its the song bias. 2 Songs back to back with the hard part being at the very end of both and trill based, talk about bad luck for me. I GUESS i'll ghost the rest (including D7 still) and see how i'll fair against others but i bet i would make it to Round 5. If i do make it to round 5 somehow oh boy wouldn't i bet upset lol.

Round 4: Sayonara Cosmonaut
To prove my upper statement even more. Sightread 40g raw or so and 2 runs later: 23,0,2,1 and i'm not even warmed up after being busy the last 2 days and not being able to play any FFR at all. Sitting inbetween 12th and 13th at the time of this posting.
D7 Round 4: Verse IV
I'm getting a LOSHAXI vibe about this song. Sightread 44,2,13,5. can improve on this since the purple note stream kinda caught me off guard.

INTERMISSION: Didn't have a lot of time to play the 2 songs longer than i should have but to no surprise to me, i just BARELY made it to round 5 in Division 6, my day 1 3 runs in score lasted throughout the whole week lol. I'm upset to say the least since again my goal was Top 16, and if i didn't get cucked by song bias in round 3, i would've made it to round 5 aka Top 16, argh.
Round 5: Antigravity
So if i haven't fallen from round 3, i probably would've here, the patterns are out of my style with my hand layout. 20,1,3,4,i could pb up till mid teens raw good but cutoff is a SDG.
D7 Round 5: to luv me i *** for u
I won't even mention my score it's pretty bad lol. Reprise is already a little difficult for me (since i'm pretty bad at anchors/runningmen)so this one is too difficult for me. I will say though that hitting the purple streams in the middle of the song and at the end is oh so satisfying!

Token Whore Get!
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Rapta writes...
at 2:21:59am on 10/10/20
Lookin' like a koopa god over here
RadiantVibe writes...
at 2:18:35pm on 8/27/20
the mario pfp returns
Sanjixcon writes...
at 2:24:23am on 8/26/20
aye grats on "unofficial" d6 2nd place xD man I couldn't even get close to ur insane inflame score.
Jaquan writes...
at 5:56:34am on 8/22/20
thanks broski!
Sanjixcon writes...
at 7:08:15pm on 8/20/20
:DDD thanks man!!! I've always been kinda good at that file but never had a run like that.. now you gotta join me lol
Sanjixcon writes...
at 1:34:57am on 8/15/20
For real :D well said. So awesome to have you as a rival man. lets keep pushing each other!
Sanjixcon writes...
at 4:40:00pm on 8/14/20
yeah it was actually really good haha xD
unfortunate we were both eliminated but grats on top 8 man that's tough to do in d6. hope you keep smashing the d7 and d8 songs cuz to compete against you on the hard shit.
badman7772 writes...
at 12:34:54am on 8/14/20
Your Skill Rating has increased by 1.45%
damnit....not enough LP.
badman7772 writes...
at 9:29:51pm on 8/10/20
Sanjixcon writes...
at 6:07:41pm on 8/10/20
dude i found your pizza lmfao
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