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Someone, Buy This For Me
Posted on: November 16, 2008, at 12:58:18pm

  1. 1st
    but anyway, what the hell is that thing xD

  2. Why?

  3. haha 2TH !! xD... funny ****

  4. I WANT.
    Too bad it's like.. too expensive :(

  5. damn, pario

  6. 2th makes no grammatical sense.

  7. lol xD

  8. I saw this vid a while ago. I want one too. ^_^

  9. WTF?

  10. wtf? I want one

  11. 11nd
    I want all of the robots in Japan. Right now. To have a dance party.

  12. well that was weird. . .

  13. wow, I want one too!

  14. remember this vid.

  15. Gay.

  16. That is awesome

  17. That is tight!

  18. lame.

  19. .............

  20. Why not just change the title of "Subscriber Updates" to "Random shit us admins find off of youtube"

  21. im ok with that XD

  22. 2th is a tooth, Mr. Nothing.

  23. Again, I say, their random thoughts get put on the subscriber updates. Stop complaining.

  24. Roy might be one of the few that actually realized that fact.

  25. Maybe it shouldnt do that then?

  26. O.o

  27. 27th!

  28. I think ever realized that, Justin, but it just shows how much the admins care about wheat we say. (No more random shit from youtube in that dear Tasselfoot thread)

  29. Seriously, what?

  30. would you rather have no updates, or random vids? This is why I stopped adding features for subbies. All you guys do is complain.

  31. lol 31th wtf is this thing?

  32. $30,000 :(

  33. This was designed next door to my friend's lab at CMU and has some amazing and unexpected implications, like treating autism (I didn't believe it at first either). Thumbs up to this vid.

  34. I revise that - the other robot discussed in the article I read discussing this was designed at CMU, I believe. Bad memory.

  35. Amazing/

  36. Yeah, guys, shut the fuck up. That thing was awesome, one, and two, the subscriber updates, which are always awesome videos, give us an extra laugh more than the non-subscribers. Get over it. See, what we have that they don't is if you really don't like it,get this: are you ready? (you can close it) Oh my God! Really?!

  37. i guess we do need to stop complaining about the updates. i have to admit the video wasn't the most boring part of my day.

  38. I'm fine with random vids as long as there are good news stories too
    *points @ third style*

  39. I wish the admins could choose who had the privilege of becoming a subscriber sometimes.

  40. "This is why I stopped adding features for subbies."
    We pay to keep this site running, we get annoyed because you aren't doing anything. If you are doing something, you're not telling us. Since you're not telling us, we're getting pissed and we have the right to be pissed. If you tell us what you're working on, we'll stop complaining, but if you don't, we'll assume you're just taking our money and going out and drinking with it.

  41. 40rd ;)
    Love the song, love the robots more. That thing could be an epic president.

  42. lol rushy, kinda the truth

  43. i do however agree with rushyrulz.

  44. Hey rushy, it's non of your damn business what we do. Say we go drinking with the money, big deal. You are getting songs in advance and no ads (minus those damn text ads that no one will effing remove).
    If you don't like it, don't subscribe. No one is forcing you to. In fact, I'll show you the door.
    You subscribers have been pissing me off a lot lately. You think you own the damn site. You don't. You pay for a service, we prove the service. The little extra features on the site are just that. We don't have to have an area just for subbies.
    Fact is, I have a full time job else where since FFR hasn't been paying me for development time. So next time you want to complain about anything, how about being a little less demanding, and maybe we might be nicer to you. Just telling us you are pissed because we don't tell you every time we wipe our ass is stupid. To me, your opinion has no more weight than a normal user. Your subscription does not magically make you god, so stop acting l

  45. hi Mal. nice rant. and, didn't see this until after I posted my random thought... my bad. would have waited til tomorrow had I realized.

  46. I jsut added it's Facebook.

  47. It's ok tass :p I keep forgetting these things show up on the homepage.

  48. I love seeing random things on the home page.
    I actually like most of it.
    If anyone has problems, they can come to Ontario, Canada and say it to my face, okay?

  49. Three cheers for awesome admins who donate their time and expertise to FFR for free. We should really pay them, but it might suffice for now to quit *itching about every little thing that doesn't knock our socks off. This is a good site. This is a fun game. Relax and enjoy it as is for now and maybe, if we're lucky, it'll get even better really soon (as it always has).

  50. Hey rushy, I think you hurt MalDON's feelings.

  51. That was pretty awesome!

  52. "You subscribers have been pissing me off a lot lately."
    I hope I'm not one of those that have pissed him off. ;_;
    Anyways, nice rant there, Mal.
    I'd buy you one of those if I had the monies, but would 9k FFR credits be enough to get one?

  53. whateverthndrd
    I will buy you this.
    I will.

  54. It's cause this site is immature

  55. :D

  56. first to post in '09 B)
    ily Troy n_n

  57. stfu zeroLIFE

  58. That's kind of cool. ^_^