FFR Official Tournament: Finals

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on January 4th, 2012

This is it – the moment everyone has been waiting for. All of the competition, the struggle, and the hype, has lead up to this moment. Those of you who have made it to this round – you have the luxury of saying that you made it to the end. You’ll also be adding at least one support token to your name, as well as a profile badge with your placement on it. There’s a lot to be proud of.

However, the fate of two Guru division players has not yet been decided. A struggle on round 7 has ended with TC_Halogen and samurai7694 in a stalemate. Both ended the round with three goods. In just 24 hours, one of them will make their first FFR official tournament final round.

Division 6 – Round 7 3rd place Tiebreaker: do i smile?
TC_Halogen vs. samurai7694

Anyone who was in the top division of the Dragons Fury tournament will more than likely wince at the mention of this question. do i smile? by t+pazolite is fairly similar to other t+pazolite songs, with a very fast pace of 250 BPM. However, it pulls a fast one by taking gradually increasing the pace from 250 all the way up past the 2000 BPM mark. It takes a speed demon to stream past 275 BPM, but to hold 320 BPM 16ths constant into a wall of quarter notes that pushes past 30 notes per second is nothing short of an act of lunacy. Credit goes to _.Spitfire._ for this brutally high For Gurus Only File.

In addition to the Guru division tiebreaker, we also have to settle a 4th place tie in the Advanced division, between The_Toymaker and supermoe1985.

Division 3 – Round 7 4th/5th place Tiebreaker: Treasure Planet
The_Toymaker vs. supermoe1985

Initially planned to be used in Division 5 of the official tournament, Treasure Planet by Renard (as Adraen) is a fast paced, level 11 difficulty file by megamon88. Treasure Planet’s chart utilizes the song’s intensity to create a very fast and overall relentless chart that features very fast streams and broken jumpstreams, as well as some occasional hard-to-hit bursts. In addition to a typical megamon chart, triples have been added for the noticeably loud cymbal crashes.

For the rest of you guys – REMEMBER: All scores for this tournament are recorded automatically. See the tournament dashboard to see how you’re doing in comparison to your opponents!

Division 1: Throwing Fire
Our remaining contenders: takumi000, DAMAN4, Escha

The Beginner division has seen a really wide range of files at the start of this tournament. When this tournament began, you opened out the tournament with a Standard level file. At round 7, you were sitting in the Challenging difficulty. Did any of you expect to make it this far after not being able to get a perfect score on the first two rounds? Look at you now – you beat out all of the perfectionists with your constant increases in skill. And now, you three will fight it out one last time, on Throwing Fire by Ronald Jenkees. Throwing Fire is a 9 on FFR’s 13 point scale. Veteran simfile author who_cares973 brings a very technical file that tests rhythmic detail and accuracy in an attempt to follow free-form synth melodies, while following an active percussion line in the background. Round 7 may have been quite a bit faster in terms of speed, but this song pushes a ton of different patterns, including some quick bursts, and triples as well. Good luck!

Division 2: Fish Hell
Our remaining contenders: reuben_tate, magicturbo, fenderg

Wow! Talk about last minute clinching! Both fenderg and magicturbo secured their positions in the final round with less than two hours to go. Because of those last minute improvements, you both get to face off against each other and reuben_tate on Fish Hell, by OSTER Project. Fish Hell is a Very Challenging rated file by megamon88 that builds on the focus of multiple techniques from last round and adds even more. While this file focuses a bit more on jacks than last round did, it also adds more length, and heavier layering too. You’ll be facing a lot more jumps this time too, not to mention a bit higher of a step count.

Division 3: SOLROS
Our remaining contenders: AD4M-V, rayword45, jgano

And we’re down to three! Congratulations to our finalists for making it to the round of three. The only things that stand in the way of you being Division 3 champion are your opponents, and SOLROS. SOLROS, by Grand Thaw is a FMO difficulty level song charted by FFR R1 simfile judge, iironiic. In an effort to close out the tournament, SOLROS swoops in and tests every skill – tons of 24th bursting, quite a few bits of 24th note trilling, a ton of complex rhythms, runningmen, bits of stream, jacks, and more. If you’re looking for any sort of technique to give yourself an advantage against your opponent, I’m sorry to inform you that there simply isn’t one – it’s a technical masterpiece.

Division 4: Music (For Kirby)
Our remaining contenders: YOSHl, yo man im awesome, DarknessXoXLight

Last round had quite a bit of argument in terms of file difficulty, with people saying that Ziergdsx’s chart for Tsugihagi Construction simply wasn’t hard enough to be a For Gurus Only difficulty. This file more than makes up for that. Music [for anything that's a pink vacuum (or to be short, for Kirby)] by Yosk! is a For Gurus Only file by FFR’s one and only bmah. This file is a considerable spike from last round, featuring a massive stream section that’s equal to about the speed of Reality, as well as some dense and long-distance jumpstream, and climaxes with one huge potentially combo-breaking difficulty spike: a ton of 16th note jacks following a repeating piano. Not so easy anymore, huh?

Division 5: Scrap Syndrome
Our remaining contenders: Stage:, MikeShinoda12345, Choofers

We’re turning down the song speed quite a bit, but increasing pattern difficulty ten-fold (not really, but this file is still pretty rough). Scrap Syndrome marks the 5th appearance of Yuuyu in FFR (and in this tournament!), and this time, Yuuyu returns to the game with a vengeance. TC_Halogen turns up the heat with a brutal For Gurus Only File that requires speed, demands burst control, and requires stamina to survive. Running over 3 minutes with 2400 steps, this file carries an average near twelve and a half notes per second. To make matters worse, there are many bursts within the file that cannot be cheated. Conquer this file, and you’re worthy of D5 champion.

Division 6: Rave7
Our remaining contenders: DossarLX ODI, leonid, (round 7 tiebreaker winner)

And then, there’s the Guru division. After Husigi Usagi Milk Tei, surely things can’t get any tougher, can they? Wrong – they can. Rave7, by DEV/NULL is a clear demonstration of when a 12 point rating simply isn’t enough. Rave7 is FFR’s 5th FSO (For Stepmen Only, level 13) file, only sitting up with the ranks of Reluctantly Accepting Overexhaustion, Death Piano, Metro, and Vertex BETA vrofl. Opening with huge streams of 200 BPM 24th runs to bring the pain, Rave7 continues to assault you 200 BPM 16th runs mixed in with various 24th and 32nd bursts, without the runs letting easily. FFR hasn’t experienced a file like this in quite some time. Credit goes to hi19hi19 for bringing a file this insane to life.

Who’s going to wind up on top? We’ll find out in just one week. Stay tuned.

– TC_Halogen, psychoangel691, FFR Staff

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  5. At the end of this tournament, huge credits need to go out to the writers of the front pages – they were all really well done.

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  9. AJ wrote all the articles for the tourney, so credits to him XD

  10. Congrats to everyone who made this far, and good luck!

  11. isnt do i smile? under the Hardcore Tano*C label? i thought we werent allowed permission from Hardcore Tano*C

  12. We have blanket permission for all of t+pazo’s songs.

  13. DossarLX ODI just finished a PERFECT! run thourghout the tournament

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