The Gamewhoring Contest is Over!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on November 18th, 2012

Wow! There has been some serious key smashing going on in the last 24 hours! I don’t know how you guys do it, and hopefully you’re still sane after today. Firstly I want to congratulate our top 10; you all have shown some serious dedication today. Each and every one of you in the top 10 earned enough points to unlock Dendrite V2! 11th place also earned enough points for this token so congratulations!

Here is your top 10:

DossarLX ODI with a whopping 1,600,041,370 points in 1772 gameplays.
foxfire667 with a whopping 1,570,710,525 points in 1679 gameplays.
retching oesophagus with a whopping 1,476,166,220 points in 2279 gameplays.
evil smoke with 932,407,285 points in 1106 gameplays.
PrawnSkunk with 877,018,690 points in 969 gameplays.
ssbmchamp with 800,036,230 points in 1102 gameplays.
dragon890x with 751,812,180 points in 1257 gameplays.
thesunfan with 655,374,195 points in 1000 gameplays.
TC_Halogen with 650,000,000 points in 643 gameplays.
One Winged Angel with 567,898,765 points in 504 gameplays.

You can check out how they progressed hourly over the day on this page

Congrats again guys! Seriously crazy job done by all of you, I couldn’t imagine whoring for that many points in a day.

On another note, with this competition the record grand total score was broken by two of the competitors. Congrats to DossarLX ODI and foxfire667 for smashing the old record of 1,510,191,740 points set by Adamaja456 on 05/24/09. retching oesophagus also managed to make his way on to the all-time high score board, but wasn’t able to squeeze in just enough to take over Adamaja.

I will be handing out your shiny new profile badges shortly as well as the credit prizes. If you placed in a spot where you have a choice in your prizes I’ll be in touch with you to get your choices or just shoot me a private message with them.

Now all of you go get some sleep!

11 Responses to “The Gamewhoring Contest is Over!”

  1. sCK

  2. Congrats to everyone! :D

  3. what a whopping autism day

  4. doss managed 70mil/hr pretty much the entire day…

  5. holy moly

  6. congratz! you guys are some crazy crazy ppl!

  7. I think I was honorable mention eleventh place. Close enough to being in a FPP.
    Congratulations again to all prize winners. Insane job by everyone.


  8. Congratulations to the winners, and great job to all of those that participated! :)

  9. That awkward moment when some of them played more games in one day than I have ever.


  10. Certainly was one hell of a painstaking process, but it was quite fun to participate in this event! Glad I was able to take down Adamaja456, and make some GTS history along with Dossar.

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