Songs of the Week (April 12th, 2012)

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on April 12th, 2012

chirp chirpFFR is at it again, and we have four more awesome files for you this week:

First on the list is Canary Part V, stepped by veteran player One Winged Angel. While nowhere as brutal as the file that battered top players in the 6th Dragon’s Fury Custom Tournament, this file still packs a mean punch. Anyone in the mood for a new file that will leave your fingers smoking, look no further than this For Gurus Only-rated monster. Additionally, congratulations to One Winged Angel for his first file in FFR!

Next in line is teraholic, from Japanese artist 44teru-k. This song delivers a high-energy hardstyle beat with difficult steps to match, courtesy of 00Razor00. This marks his second file in FFR- let’s hope for many more to come!

Anyone else have nightmares of falling off the edge of this track?Our third file is a piano remix of the Mario Kart Wii Rainbow Road theme, performed by FFR member Zorsy. Be sure to check out his Youtube channel and watch him play this song and many others on video!

The final offering for you this week is Blackout, by FFR standby artist The Flashbulb. Though the steps have been created by master arrowsmasher AlexDest and the artist is well known for his intense IDM songs, this chart weighs in at a modest "Easy" difficulty. Anyone will be able to enjoy tapping along to this relaxing, Beethoven-esque piano composition.

As a final note, this week all four files are public- for the time being, the Veteran’s Song system is no more.

[April 12 Released Songs]
Canary Part V by Clonepa (One Winged Angel) – Misc (Piano Breakcore Extreme) / For Gurus Only / 2:13
teraholic by 44teru-k (00Razor00) – Dance 2 (Nu-Style Gabba) / Very Challenging / 1:53
Rainbow Road by Zorsy (hi19hi19) – Classical (Piano Remix) / Very Difficult / 1:44
Blackout by The Flashbulb (AlexDest) – Classical (Easy Listening) / Easy / 1:25

If you have an opinion on these releases, drop a post in this thread to let the forums know.

That’s it for this update. Enjoy your arrow smashing!
~hi19hi19 and the FFR Staff

14 Responses to “Songs of the Week (April 12th, 2012)”

  1. First!

  2. About time you got your first file in-game, OWA :)

  3. Also, I like these personnalized song release posts. It’s just a lot better to read than just a list of songs! Good job hi19 =)

  4. “As a final note, this week all four files are public- for the time being, the Veteran’s Song system is no more.”


  5. … for now ;D

  6. Oh my god…Canary is the definition of my favorite music ever..

  7. I’ve heard that there are going to be a few changes to it.

  8. Zorsyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <333333

  9. Rainbow Road just made me blow my nostalgia all over the keyboard.

  10. yay!

  11. I agree, Canary is a fuggin monster.

  12. grats on getting a file ingame owa, fgo none the less :twisted:
    and bout time teraholic got added, though i think it was cbr who told me he was stepping it like 2-3 years ago lol

  13. This weeks files are pretty good. Not spectacular but good.

  14. killed the yellow bird again (saying this almost 12 hours later than I should)

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