December 2017 Site Updates

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on December 20th, 2017

December 2017 Site Updates

Hello, everyone! We hope you are all having a great holiday. This is a summary post about some recent smaller changes from November to December, that haven’t been announced on the homepage yet. We are also planning one more song release this year for December 25th.

New R^3 Engine Features
      • New Replay Format (FFRBIN)
      • Selectable Menu Music
      • Selectable Default Engine
      • Selectable Default Filter
      • Restarts/Lost Stats Tracking
      • Toggle Top/Bottom Bar Graphics
      • Double Tap Quit to exit Song Queues

New Site Features
      • Updated Song Previews
      • Extended Song Chart Statistics
      • Restarts/Lost Stats Webpage

Bug Fixes
      • Fixed Page Display when using filters.
      • Fixed Ingame PA and Options use Judge Language correctly.

What’s New?
Binary Replays (FFRBIN) are a new replay format, designed to increase playback accuracy and compression, and can fit an entire replay on your clipboard.

Lost statistics from song restarts are now being tracked separately. (Song restarts still won’t count towards your games played or grandtotal.)

You can now set any in-game song as your menu music, by right-clicking the title on the song selection screen. You can also set a default alternate engine playlist and default filter upon loading the R^3 engine. There is now an option to disable the top and bottom bars that appear in-game.

Song pages on the site have dozens of new extended statistics. They can be viewed by clicking “Toggle Extended Song Stats” on any game level page. Song pages also have an update chart preview, now using the R^3 engine and your game settings.

Community News
Development on the new Batch Search Engine site is aimed to finish before the end of this year, if not Christmas. The most recent post in the Weekly Batch Update thread describes the current progress on the BSE site.

Signups for Benguin and Xel’s Rates Tourney #2 are still open until the end of Round 1 (Saturday, Dec 23 @ 10PM server time). If you have a New Year’s resolution to start playing again, it’s a great opportunity to de-rust fast. Just post in the thread that you’d like to participate, and you will be assigned to a skill bracket.

Vendetta21, mellonxcollie, and choof are now recognized as sectional moderators of their respective sub-forums.

The FFR Discord Server is now verified, and has gained over 1,200 members since its official launch in September! It has been steadily gaining more activity every month, so it will be permanently replacing Profile Chat (RIP prochat walrus).

Velocity, PrawnSkunk & DossarLX ODI
- FFR Development & Game Management

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  1. No more stealing the bucket and chat bombs ;_;

    Gj on the great work guys~

  2. R^3 song preview makes me warm inside. Not sure if I like restarts being tracked though.

  3. Great job guys! :)

  4. Cool updates!!

  5. Wooooaaah this is sweet

  6. I set “4F73R M3″ as my menu song. This makes me happy

  7. song results song plz

  8. Submission rules is my menu music now this is fantastic

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