Contest Winner + New Token!

Posted in Uncategorized on August 1st, 2007

How can I deny someone who is so dedicated.. So selfless.. So.. Sorry dude, that is just downright disgusting. I can’t say anything positive about your experience besides the fact that you have just won a 1 year subscription or t-shirt of your choice. You may also opt to give the subscription to someone else on the site if you wish. Wow.. I don’t think I could have done what you did.

Who am I talking about? darklordsarumon9 of course. Just check out this pic.
FFR Spontaneous Contest Winner of Toilet Contest

Thanks to everyone for their entries. That was a nice & disturbing entry back into the realm of spontaneous contests (those with weak stomachs, please refrain from viewing contest thread)..

IN OTHER NEWS!! (news beeping sound and typewriters goes here)

We have released a hidden token.. You may be able to find this token on this site at some point. Me as a person would not classify it as trivial either.. period.

Good luck! Remember, no user clues or giving away it’s location anywhere on FFR.



177 Responses to “Contest Winner + New Token!”

  1. 1st

  2. 2nd!

  3. 2nd

  4. 4th

  5. 5th lol

  6. 6th?

  7. yay! 6th wow this token is whack

  8. 7th

  9. 7th

  10. 7th?

  11. i suck at finding tokens

  12. ugh, thats really gay….

    my face was in the toilet too!!! i even put the seat down!

    only diff was he had a plunger….

    ugh, i need a shower….

  13. Pretty easy token ;)

  14. Hmm

  15. WOW

  16. 15

  17. 13th?

  18. new token yay
    #19? pshh

  19. The token song is crazy! :O

  20. lol!

  21. funny pic

  22. what the hell, that’s one insane file.

  23. LOL guessed URL. Good hint. 6th to get.

  24. Got the token, pretty easy if you think the right way

  25. I bet once i figure this out im gonna feel so stupid

  26. i suck at these things

  27. Lol the only hint is that you may find the token on Google at some point. Now aside from guessing the URL, this is no hint what-so-ever since FFR doesnt release tokens on other sites. Might need to re-think the wording on that hint before you get masses of people saying “WTF I SEARCHED EVERYWHERE ON GOOGLE AND I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE!”

  28. Ouch, got a 500+ combo on the new song.

    I shouldn’t be able to do that with index ^_^

  29. this is confusing…

  30. Yeah it is… I have a lead but the link wont work…

  31. WOOT GOT IT! SOOO EASY aim = cvcbsaboy2 for bribes =P

  32. we’ve had skill tokens all month, i forgot about these tokens. Now instead of trying to whore songs, i need to actually think on where to look for it.


    it got changed…

  34. Google, google, google.

  35. hints anybody? A point in the right direction?

  36. Well, seems the hint just got narrow’d a bit. I’m still at a loss with this description though *does the anime style sweatdrop and ^^ eyes* But now Synth should be happy he wont get a few oblivious users pming him for hints to where the token could be found on google :)

  37. LOL nice hint!!! Got it

  38. i think i partially get it… ugh so frustrating

  39. i have nooooo clue where it is…


  41. I’m lost.. and I think I’m thinking too hard..

  42. same, probably overthinking the link.

  43. AIM pikaweasel for hints, goin to bed rlly soon tho

  44. note hints WONT be that close but its a push in the right direction

  45. nintendorules, I play three fingers and I can FC it with enough luck. I have got all of the parts in the song, just not in the same run :)

  46. the double with the 1 arrow that looks like a hand?

  47. aim steve675412 200 credits

  48. OMG im still looking and im getting nowhere with this token.

  49. 4th fc yay

  50. Synth!! It’s broken..

  51. Yay Token! ^.^

  52. yep aim = cvcbsaboy2 for hints ~

  53. aim= steve675412=200 creds=link to token

  54. Man.. No one has MSN??
    I’ll give 200 creds to the one who tells me. XD

  55. like 40th to get it. my aim is seraphineveles ftw yo’s

  56. i got it that was hard

  57. Im giving through email. Just pm me email.
    500 credits BEFORE PMing me. or 250 before, 250 after.
    Tell what you gave.

  58. Dude omg iam stumped ive never had trouble but now omg and why does synth have a token link on his MeTrivia file but it no work…

  59. 59

  60. 60th

  61. PM me for hint or aim as cvcbsaboy2 as listed above =) bribes help 0.o

  62. aim zoodannyp 100 credits for hint

  63. Hmm…

  64. hey man

  65. aim=steve675412=200creds=direct link to token, msn=s675412=200creds=direct link to token…i prefer aim but it doesnt matter

  66. token?

  67. No

  68. LOL

  69. aim=steve675412 200 credits direct link to token msn=[email protected]

  70. lol. ojly like 33%. anyone want it, i’m still on AIM

  71. 1k for hint aim zoodannyp

  72. i mean ill give you a hint or direct link for 1k

  73. Im giving direct links for free! Aim me and tell your friends! AIM = arewii

  74. AIM for answers! arewii

  75. aim=steve675412 200 credits direct link to token msn=[email protected]

  76. dang! to many people! 200 credits for the answer! need to sift!

  77. Wow. =/ Pretty sad how people don’t even try to look for it anymore.

  78. first 70 of us did as first…

  79. fun song, a bit too easy for my liking, FC’d it 7 times already, got some nasty scores though because I set the auto kill for 1 miss, 1 boo, and 1 average and I’m using a slow vista computer, but I like the song, one of Sharpnel’s better ones, by far, got a more J-Pop than horrible voices (planetz, which I hate) or annoying remixes, might actually download this song, definitely worth it, and btw,

    the song is NOWHERE near impossible to FC, not even hard, you guys just need to get used to high speed jump streams, I’m geussing around 180 to 200 BPM, challenging yes, but impossible no, it’s worth the file

  80. anyone want token 23? anyone want to place 70th on one song? hmm? 100 for direct link! do it now! im going to bed! AIM = arewii

  81. well said damanwithdskillz! want it? IM me!

  82. thanks guyofgod

  83. Last call! AIM me now or get it never! arewii

  84. 200 CREDITS, AIM=STEVE675412, MSN=[email protected]

  85. make any offer and ill give you the direct link aim zoodannyp

  86. AIM is dmanzo43 send me a message if you want to get it

  87. make any offer and ill give you the direct link aim zoodannyp

    come on i need another k to get eternus

  88. it’s very simple, just PM me if you need a hint

  89. song is hard im too noob for it D=

  90. easy token :D

  91. CRAZY TOKEN SONG :O I suck at it though since I can’t do 16th jumpstream :(

  92. easy to find and easy to play

  93. still cant find u suk at finding these damn tokens f*** this im goig to bed!

  94. i suk not u lol type o

  95. Someone AIM me and give it to me. hoochan4000

  96. #300 to get it. Nice round number.

  97. SO easy it was in the first place i looked

  98. I found it but itz not givin it 2 me!!!

  99. 100th comment!

  100. its kinda easy if you think about it

  101. I don’t even see the clue!.. Is the clue, ”We have released a hidden token.. You may be able to find this token on this site at some point. Me as a person would not classify it as trivial either.. period.”
    Oh well. It’s sooo sad to see all those people giving away AIMs and MSNs just for a token.

  102. finnaly a new token

  103. ready to give 200 cred for answer via MSN

  104. Got it

  105. To the redneck that said “I found it but it wont give it to me!” The one on synthlight’s page on __________ is a fake link. It doesn’t work. It is, luckly for me, somewhere else. I am willing to tell you were for 100 credits!

    AIM= arewii

    100 for direct links or hints that make it much easier!

    IM me now or get it never!

    Hint-if it was easy, people wouldn’t need to pay to find it…..and they are….

  106. yez i made it in like 8 secs… just woke up had to wrk last night so i missed the token

  107. Got it, Kakke Ecko is really hard.

  108. these tokens never stop trying to kill me

  109. 200 CREDITS, AIM=STEVE675412

  110. MSN=[email protected]
    D1R3CT L1NK T0 T0K3N

  111. got it

  112. Eeeeeeasy.

  113. I still don’t get it. I’m sorry if I’m now a nominee for being wetodid but oh well. I just don’t get it and I don’t have MSN or AIM. I’m willing to give 500 creds to ANYONE if they can just give me a hint to its location.

  114. make any offer and ill give you the direct link or hint aim zoodannyp

  115. That was a fun token.

  116. I don’t have it yet but the hint kinda gives it away… Me as a person would not classify it as trivial either.. period. Trivial?? Maybe something in MeTrivia. Idk where it is though. =D


    Not Synthlight

  117. I just found it and believe me, if you don’t get it the first time, you basically have to be straight up told. *Someone did take me up on my offer* BUT WTF!?!?! You can hardly keep up with any of the steps. It’s a little too fast paced or not fast paced enough but who am I to judge. I have almost no standing here.

  118. 121th

  119. i think you mean 121st.
    122nd! lol

  120. oh that was easy finally found it give me a thumbs up and ill give u a hint or pm me!

  121. i got it and no i wont help people at all

  122. hints only u idiot! not a direct site!!!

  123. im me for the direct link or hint aim zoodannyp any offer accepted

  124. lol 100 credits not alot

  125. that was the easiest token to me well maybe the 2nd or 3rd. i want more.

  126. 6000 creds to who ever helps but das not delet my accont

  127. Pikaweasel (AIM) helping again

  128. hit me up on aim zoodannyp for direct link or clue any offer acceptable

  129. go to my profile and read my ramdom thoughts for token help

  130. random*

  131. i got it ヽ(´▽`)/

  132. Boom!

  133. Where the hell are freaking tokens 21, 22, and 23????

  134. 138th lol

  135. OOOooohhhh, I get it.

  136. 725th user to find the token =)

  137. aim = cvcbsaboy2 … i can help for a price maybe =)

  138. i found it but it dosnt work=[
    wtf now?

  139. lol got it last nite. like 67th…

  140. i have an idea…

  141. Lol Eien Maikyu actually matches the song and Its an easiest.

  142. i guess no posts today

  143. i wonder when the august (easy) skill token month should start… o wait it should have started yesterday

  144. yay I got it.

  145. i cant find it :(

    always pwning nOObs

  146. aim = cvcbsaboy2 … i can help for a price maybe =)

  147. or ill add u and u will add me and u can pm me :D

    always pwning nOObs

  148. aim = cvcbsaboy2 … i can help for a price maybe!


  150. i think this one was the easiest

  151. im at a road block here……………………………………….

  152. Aim me cvcbsaboy2 for hints for a small fee ~

  153. Easy find.

  154. Hmph.. way too easy

    ILL GIVE 250 creds to hoo ever gives me the awnser

  156. YAY #159

  157. y duz evry1 think the files so hard? its easy as crap

  158. lol #161 whoo… not really an achievement but awell

  159. 162!

  160. 163!

  161. 164

  162. 165

  163. 165

  164. um is this token number 17 or 18? i want to know so i can confirm if i got it or not.

  165. 169th

  166. 169th, learn how to count

  167. Found it. Not terribly hard. They just need to fix the link for token 11 and I’m set…


    ah i found it when i started to search
    TIP: look at his word choice at every token.

  169. 172th

  170. 173th. I get it…but it says I can’t register. What’s up with that?

  171. 174th WOO

  172. 200 cradits

  173. 176 BITCHES

  174. Last?

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