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I'm Zach! :D I guess I'm pretty chill. I rarely play this because I waste my time on league of legends. :3
League of Legends
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Classical music and Classic rock. (The Beatles mainly)
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I am Legend, Across the Universe, Pursuit of Happiness, 7 pounds, Dear John, The Sitter, idk. Just about anything, really. :p
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Posted on: March 17, 2013, at 04:23:30am   [0 comments]
I pretty much haven't been actively playing since FFR was down. But now that I'm back, I suck. v.v
All my friends are Veterans while I cant be considered one yet. D; Most of my old friends don't get on anymore either. sigh..... I miss the old days. Anyone else?
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Missdeltona07 writes at 1:58:10pm on 8/20/13
Yea lol, barely. And I highlight the texts lol d:
Mollocephalus writes at 3:43:21am on 6/15/13
You fake italian, you.
Little Miss Ffr writes at 11:49:57am on 5/23/13
I do have a Skype. It's: MyM0m0
Little Miss Ffr writes at 12:00:37am on 5/19/13
Hey boo, it's MissD. MISS YA!!:D<3 text meee(:
buttercup121212 writes at 10:04:45am on 4/2/13
lmfao shhhhhh >.>
Iridian writes at 3:14:59pm on 3/31/13
why thank ya :)
buttercup121212 writes at 7:07:35pm on 12/3/12
so zack, hows nick and jazz?
buttercup121212 writes at 11:16:11pm on 11/22/12
Holy shit zack Ita sikavonangel o.o or azzydazzy or uuuuh angelit94 i think o.o
buttercup121212 writes at 4:51:40pm on 10/17/12
you need to get on bro O_o
Missdeltona07 writes at 6:05:28am on 4/26/12
Hey :D! Long time no talky! I missed ya!:P
U shall text me at 321-362-6989 :D
Im not asking Mr. im telling u :P
(Wanna keep in contact with my awesome friends from here lol)