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Posted on: May 29, 2013, at 04:13:56pm   [1 comment]
Do you ever get thy feeling,
That you think you're gonna die?
When your hearts immenet beating,
Makes you wanna cry?
When you feel you can't go on,
With this somber life-
Every time you get to the top,
You fall,
Crashing down from the sky.

Strange behavior...

Do you ever feel that sinking?
And your stomach to the floor?
When your hands won't stop the shakin,
And you can't take anymore.
When everything you've lived for..
Just walked out the door...
Every time you get close to the top,
You fall,
Crashing down from the skyyyy.
Posted on: May 24, 2013, at 03:55:13pm   [3 comments]
I can play it hard. Catch me at the bar. You're fucking with the star cuz I can play it hard.
I can play it hard. Whiskey and cigars. You're watching from affar. I can play it hard.

Posted on: May 24, 2013, at 03:45:39pm   [7 comments]
I just love meeting new people! I'm glad I didn't completely give up on FFR. I miss all my old FFR buddies<3!

Posted on: February 21, 2013, at 07:52:13pm   [8 comments]
Posted on: February 21, 2013, at 06:06:07pm   [4 comments]
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SD_dk writes at 5:52:40pm on 6/1/17
life life lif
Mark_123 writes at 6:39:51am on 8/17/13
You're greasy
MeHaZnOLifE writes at 12:30:36am on 7/6/13
Omggg its been forever!!!!! how are youuu?(:
SD_dk writes at 7:47:07pm on 6/6/13
:O ohhh geezzz another profile boo? lol
typing like wat writes at 7:54:30pm on 5/31/13
replying to him on my wall wont do anything try posting that on his wall d:
bmah writes at 5:47:18pm on 5/31/13
I sent you a PM with a temporary password. Make sure you change it otherwise you might not get back into your account if you log out.
bmah writes at 5:32:35pm on 5/31/13
Your account Missdeltona07 is now unbanned.
bmah writes at 5:30:18pm on 5/31/13
After talking to a bunch of other staff members, we couldn't find out the original nature of your case, and since the person who banned you is not a moderator anymore, she has no say in the case now. As such, just be a good user and I'll unban the account you stated. :)
One death writes at 4:58:50pm on 5/31/13
How yah been?
bmah writes at 4:02:59pm on 5/31/13
It appears that you were originally banned for ban evasion, which means that you had a number of other accounts you attempted to make. Also, the moderator who banned you is no longer a moderator and since I wasn't involved, it makes the investigation a bit more difficult. I'll look into it.