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My name is April,I am from a small town called Milton. I am a gamer chick <3 always will be. I am competitive but all in fun.just started playing FFR and I friggin <3 it!any tips on the game is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or just want to have a conversation just send me a message ^.^
Video games, Movies, Music, Animals, Books, Tattoos, History.
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A little bit of everything
Fav Movies:
Fantasy<3 Horror ( if i am watching it with someone else ) Documentaries, ill watch anything that has to do with history.
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raskanally writes...
at 2:20:55pm on 2/14/12
as long as i get to hear your voice will be an amazing day!
justin_ator writes...
at 2:18:08pm on 2/14/12
Thank you! I hope yours goes well too!!~
CammyGoesRawr writes...
at 2:00:06pm on 2/14/12
Awhh (: Thanks hun, you too <3
Reg1nald writes...
at 10:21:55am on 2/14/12
justin_ator writes...
at 8:39:35pm on 2/11/12
Awh that sucks. I'm doing pretty good I guess. Nothing much new lately since stuff is just school sleep school sleep school sleep
CammyGoesRawr writes...
at 8:21:14pm on 2/11/12
xxmoxxiixx writes...
at 8:12:43pm on 2/11/12
i would so be on my xbox .. but i cant :( so ffr has saved my butt from going threw gaming withdraws ^.^ <3<3<3
CammyGoesRawr writes...
at 8:03:21pm on 2/11/12
woo! :D just be all ""fuck off flu" and little virus things in your tummy say "okay" and leave in no time :D
CammyGoesRawr writes...
at 7:59:26pm on 2/11/12
April vs. Stomach flu, round 1! :P
Darth Pegolous writes...
at 7:45:11pm on 2/11/12
im koo just chillin im actually thinking about playing a few games =p hbu?
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