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Hey guys whats up?? I'm Kate and I'm 14,Ok just a heads up I come on here sometimes to talk only when I'm really bored,No I do not play FFR.I just chat with friends.So what I'm getting to here is umm you may add me and chat just If you have a myspace then you probably should click the link By home page..and it goes striaght to my myspace and you can add me,If you don't understand about the link then umm..well go to
Guys,Music,Guitar,drawing, being myself,Friends,Skateboarding, skaing,Surfing,Swimmming, Football but no takeling,chatting,making videos of stupid things,writing notes/poems,typing,hang out with my bf, listening to screamo and Headcore music,actting emo haha,scene,My best friend is emo but I act emo just for fun but I'm a 100% Scene for life,I listen to Techno..^^..anywho thats a little about me
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Scary,no particular Ones xD
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^_^ ..xD
Posted on: July 30, 2008, at 09:16:18am   [0 comments]
Thank you for viewing my FFR page..Anywho I don't get on here very much and my last account I played FFR games this one I haven't played not one.Because I'm using this to chat with friends and I barly get on anymore so please feel free to add me or leave a comment but if you want to get to know me or become friends then if you have a May add me

Ok I have already said this in my about me but some people don't Really read that and most read Random thoughts so yeah..

Posted on: June 13, 2008, at 12:04:34pm   [0 comments]
1.)people that don't label you..
2.)people that never TALK about you..
3.)people that don't like other people talking about you..
4.)people that have feelings and actully care about other peoples feelings..
5.)people that respect there friends..
6.)Friends that would stick up for you..
7.)friends that is always there for you through it all..
8.)At least one Best friend that would jump in front of a bullet to safe you..
9.)Someone you can talk to about your problems..
10.)Someone who understands you..

Posted on: April 27, 2008, at 12:13:31pm   [0 comments]

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xXTigerIsCuteXx writes...
at 11:38:02am on 8/16/08
Paches & Jake mehhh..teehee
xXTigerIsCuteXx writes...
at 11:36:08am on 8/16/08
My Best kitty Model Shadow ^_^
xXTigerIsCuteXx writes...
at 11:35:19am on 8/16/08
Peace lOv3 with jake hehe
xXTigerIsCuteXx writes...
at 11:33:50am on 8/16/08
Best friends..Brianna and mehs tweat,tweat heh.
xXTigerIsCuteXx writes...
at 11:29:50am on 8/16/08
ah The picture under me when I typed that,I typed it kinda fast and I messed up alot so I'm not sure you understand,But what I said was she took pictures of me (not my the outfits well yes but me in them)and mom** (not momsw) ~and anywho this pic was "NOT" taken by her~. Alright I Hope you understand now and I didn't confused you heh..=]
xXTigerIsCuteXx writes...
at 11:24:58am on 8/16/08
My momsw best friend takes pictures for the models and she came over and took over 24 of my different Outfits,Scene it was awesome and shes gonna Check about Heatbreaker modeling for me,and anywho this pic is no one of the ones she took I took this one,..I haven't got hers yet still waiting..^^
xXTigerIsCuteXx writes...
at 11:22:36am on 8/16/08
editing photo ...Idk if it was the best I did nah It wasn't I have way better seriously..lmao
xXTigerIsCuteXx writes...
at 6:06:11am on 7/24/08
Synthlight writes...
at 9:56:54pm on 3/4/08
First person to post on your wall.