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~ Ultimate Quest to #1 Daily GT ~
Posted on: May 12, 2014, at 07:24:00pm

I did it. Yes. Absolutely. From 1AM to 1AM the next day Sanzath (Martin <3) and I played VS Boss Battle, Extratone in a Perfect World & vRofl (only me) and it was simply epic. It is seriously a huge physical And mental challenge since you have to bear a constant pain for hours without losing focus on your timing for optimal scoring. I'd say someone with a better capacity to do a unique task without stopping and insane pain threshold could do at least 1.8 billion points by playing vRofl from beginning to end, but honestly I don't think that would be possible for me. I gave it my best and took as fewer breaks as I could (At one point I had to go downstairs and eat dinner because parents haha) but at least I used them smartly and ate/drank quickly, which gave me the energy I needed to keep going. I also greatly appreciated the support on Skype and in the forum thread (SHOUTOUTS to Sven, Max [graphs<3], Haku, Luis, Stian, Peter, Chris, Terry, Isaac, Felix, Brenton and Bridget for the entertaining skype call ^^) since your only presence was really enough to keep me from giving up, seriously. Also thanks for pushing me during the last 40 million points so I could actually set a small gap between my score and Dossar's 1.60 Billion. As for the aftermath, only my elbows are a little bit painful but it's nothing like what I expected to feel so I'm happy. Now my vRofl Thought is simply funny to read and even though I hope I'll keep the #1 spot for at least a few years, I do challenge anyone who wants to give it a try to be the first person in the 1.7 Billion club.
- End of the Quest -

  1. <3

  2. wooooooo nice OP!!! we can celebrate in person next week xD

  3. Crazy man! Gratz for owning Dossar's old record :)

  4. I'll do a challenge :3

  5. very nice

  6. well done

  7. falcon lover

  8. Fun fact:
    Posted on: November 27, 2011, at 04:59:07pm [22 comments]
    This game is impossible to quit.

  9. Now that we have rates, think of the possibilities lmao.

  10. you're a legend m8. nice work !