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GO Rampage
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FFR Average Rank:57,592
FFR Grandtotal Rank:1,489,208
FFR Grandtotal:-2,475
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Location:Elizabeth City, North Carolina, USA
Last Activity:09-22-2007
Member for: 13.85 years
Gaming Region:USA - New England
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About me:
my name is Lacreshia and i am from north carlina. i love to party.
i love to dance and party
Fav Music:
hip hop r and b and gospel
Fav Movies:
anything but scary
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*cherryblossom* writes...
at 5:55:00pm on 12/3/07
hi its melissa krause this is my new profile because ffr wont let me back on my old one so add this one instead
erwilzei writes...
at 3:06:17pm on 9/7/07
...You don't even know what a hula hoop is?
whopperjr writes...
at 12:18:01pm on 8/30/07
who are you?
xXxhaha_yu_fellxXx writes...
at 7:31:34pm on 8/23/07
really then i have no clue
xXxhaha_yu_fellxXx writes...
at 2:54:46pm on 8/23/07
when you go on your profile where it says photo well put ur mose over it and click upload photos
xXxhaha_yu_fellxXx writes...
at 11:42:42am on 8/23/07
lolz i comment your pics but you dont really have any
The Rozen Maiden writes...
at 8:27:58am on 8/23/07
hahaha thanks for the pic comment!
but my I cut my hair already!
n.n wassup! :D
xXxhaha_yu_fellxXx writes...
at 4:47:22pm on 8/22/07
omfg thanks for all those picture commments
panphil writes...
at 8:10:01pm on 8/21/07
wat in the world is that thing in ur avi
azn_kelly22 writes...
at 5:58:44pm on 8/15/07
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