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A perfect complete boy wish to have otaku speedvibe[oni]
i like FFR obviously hmm my favourite game is still Audition dance battle its totally cool man yea then SM lol
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My new BG
Posted on: July 29, 2008, at 06:07:06am   [0 comments]
lol thanks to Darkrazor my friend for the background quite nice man

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uPnoOB writes...
at 6:50:28am on 8/1/08
lol thx nice naruto pic
Lil'Yoshi writes...
at 2:04:50pm on 7/31/08
hellos! ^_^ nice avi
ilovesasuke101 writes...
at 1:03:34pm on 7/31/08
nice pro
uPnoOB writes...
at 6:30:47am on 7/31/08
lol i gt like 4 or 5 lol and i contributed 1 to kev
ktkr writes...
at 6:26:26am on 7/31/08
Lol I just got 3 votes today X_X
DarkRazor writes...
at 4:59:13am on 7/31/08
aha ya right go away lol
uPnoOB writes...
at 4:00:05am on 7/31/08
lol kev u sad man
ktkr writes...
at 8:11:54am on 7/30/08
ar.. Once I on msn , insta crash.
ktkr writes...
at 9:02:56am on 7/29/08
oh hellolol computer crash perma-ed
Synthlight writes...
at 9:41:21am on 7/12/08
First person to post on your wall.