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I am alive.
Well.... FFR duh , Audition, Reading Naruto Manga, Stepmania, Warcraft and some randomness!
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Anything goes~
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Don't watch much.
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lag! :(
Posted on: August 2, 2008, at 08:05:53am   [0 comments]
lag sucks big time man. Keep missing when I try to fc something D:

Posted on: July 17, 2008, at 09:03:51am   [0 comments]
Yeah ! FC Gradeus X_X

That was random I know :(

but this is a random thought :D

Comment wall
jikian writes...
at 3:58:25am on 4/28/11
LOL ffr died.
Divinefury writes...
at 7:00:39am on 10/13/09
not a problem must be exams right?
Divinefury writes...
at 4:44:48am on 9/29/09
hello there
UbEr_RoFl writes...
at 2:20:38am on 9/13/09
hi lol... well coms here are quite unstable actually. sometimes they lag, sometimes they don't lol
DarkRazor writes...
at 9:04:33am on 9/6/09
lmao yes i got aaa blocks. suxors
Ghakimx writes...
at 7:13:20am on 9/6/09
Yeah, I suppose.
I was thinking of holding up a Singapore FFR Meet up this week. You think you'll join?
Ghakimx writes...
at 8:30:13am on 9/4/09
Damn, I'm the ONLY malay Singaporean player.
Ghakimx writes...
at 10:50:43am on 8/29/09
Oh hey, another Singaporean player. You chinese or what?
~{Renji}~ writes...
at 5:52:07am on 2/19/09
welcome =D
uPnoOB writes...
at 2:58:23am on 12/9/08
yo kev u suck
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