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About me: really lazy... and rain is awesom...people think i'm emo for it, but ii hate the sun SO MUCH. yyyyyeah...cant think of nething else so just ask if wanna kno nething else
hanging out in my basement, eating wen im hungry, sleeping wen im sleepy, playin video games...acting is pretty fun...just ask about nething else (as if ne1 wuld)
Fav Music:
rock, techno, japanese music....almost nething that isnt green day, rap, or country. drowning pool, spineshank, and slipknot are some of my faves
Fav Movies:
accepted, mystery men.....probly lots of others i dont feel like listing. like clerks and jay and silent bob strike back, for example
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wish i coulda been there
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Brian Clevinger released the 1000th comic of 8-Bit Theatre today, 6/3/08! Incase you've been living under a rock for 7 years 8-Bit Theatre is the hilarious online comic strip that (kinda) follows the plot of Final Fantasy 1. If any of you are losers and don't read it yet, it's at

whitest kids u know sundaynights at 11 on IFC
Posted on: April 1, 2008, at 03:22:06pm   [2 comments]


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Posted on: October 21, 2007, at 12:40:31am   [4 comments]

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dragoon64136 writes...
at 6:34:05am on 11/9/11
lolwut.jpg? Why the face?
Aki*Hisakata_66 writes...
at 6:30:05am on 12/1/10
Indeed. |D
Aki*Hisakata_66 writes...
at 4:27:47pm on 11/30/10
Indeed we where. x'D
Good times, man. Good times.
u84 writes...
at 10:24:59pm on 6/15/09
If you could, I need help with a referral competition. Please, go here and make an account. It involves making a screen name, a password and making an email. All of this can be just randomly typed (asdgfdlg), as no confirmation email is sent or anything. It takes about two seconds and I'd really appreciate it. Thanks and +1!
Aki*Hisakata_66 writes...
at 10:14:13pm on 6/6/09
Nothing. at. ALL. :D
Aki*Hisakata_66 writes...
at 4:05:04pm on 5/30/09
. . . TOBI! o. o
-wave- :D
barbiegirl997 writes...
at 7:36:57pm on 1/5/09
Well thats basically what their used for XD I like to use'em!
barbiegirl997 writes...
at 8:49:42pm on 1/2/09
lol shweet with the drugs.I got plenty myself XD along with like 20 freakin i-tunes cards lol
barbiegirl997 writes...
at 7:17:38pm on 1/1/09
Thanks dude!You too!get anything good for x-mas?
barbiegirl997 writes...
at 9:36:38pm on 12/25/08
Tobi-saaan!^^ whatsup?
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