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My name is Konan!Well,yeah i have this sweet origami jutsu that i use so...yeah thats it.
DRAWING!!Deviantart(my account is kitsunewaffles-chan)Hanging with akatsuki team!(i dont feel like naming them)My bestest buddie Pudding!Anime,Naruto,FFR,DDR,and u kno this was,tons of other stuff
Fav Music:
Rock,techno,J-pop,celtic*insert other random music here*
Fav Movies:
The unknown part 1 of the unknown of the unknown of that unknown guy whos all unknown and stuff???Yeah,thats my favorite movie.
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Posted on: August 21, 2008, at 03:58:48pm   [1 comment]

this is my fav song!Pretty cool vid too!Enjoy!n_n
Posted on: September 15, 2007, at 12:00:27pm   [8 comments]

The village of DDR!*dun dun dun*
Posted on: May 14, 2007, at 06:45:34pm   [4 comments]

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barbiegirl997 writes...
at 11:12:16pm on 7/28/09
heyyy!!!! <3
tobi14 writes...
at 12:29:00am on 1/4/09
I-tunes cards? Is that like...PAYING for music? I can't even understand the idea of someone PAYING for music
tobi14 writes...
at 12:18:29pm on 1/2/09
I got bean bag chairs and guitar hero. not to mention plenty of DRUGS! lol
tobi14 writes...
at 12:34:49pm on 1/1/09
not much. happy new year.
vincevance writes...
at 9:52:02pm on 12/27/08
hey whats up nice profile how are you happy late christmas and how was your christmas :D
skaterocker writes...
at 6:45:56am on 9/8/08
nm just bein kina sad..='( i miss you
sakura_nekoblossoms writes...
at 9:00:09pm on 9/7/08
hey konan wassup girl =3
skaterocker writes...
at 6:44:19am on 9/3/08
lol hey baby! sup?
L e e writes...
at 2:32:43am on 8/29/08
k im gunna trust you... cause my friends an idiot
kinda...k hes a good guy:)
L e e writes...
at 6:41:41pm on 8/27/08
really my friend said it waas blue>_<
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