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Alright. So I haven't been on here for god knows how many years now. I see my user and wonder "WAS I REALLY THAT MUCH OF A FUCKING WEABO?" It depresses me. Seriously. Anyway, whatever. You may call me Will. Or Aki. What the fuck ever. I don't even remember why I made my name what it is. :| My current drug is Kuroshitsuji, with a side of Pandora Hearts. I am a very sarcastic and pessimistic person, so if you can't handle seemingly insulting humour then get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich. Shittiest About me section ever. Have a nice day. If I do not know you, do not add me. :|
Victorian era, Cosplay, lurking, creeping, drawing, making people laugh, being made laugh, German, WW2.
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Adam Lambert, After School, Ali Project, All Time Low, Apocalyptica, Aqua, Ayano, Basshunter, The Beatles, The Birthday Massacre, Blink-182, Brown Eyed Girls, Celtic Woman, Children of Bodom, Cold, A Covenant of Thorns, Cradle of Filth, Cute is what we Aim for, Disturbed, Dragonforce, E Nomine, Eisbrecher, Enter Shikari, Envy on the Coast, Enya, Evanescence, Fear Factory, Flogging Molly, Flyleaf, Freakhouse, Godsmack, Great Big Sea, Green Day, Groove Coverage, H.I.M., Hans Zimmer, Hellyeah, Hollywood Undead, Ikimono Gakari, In Extremo, ItaloBrothers, Jem, K.D. Lang, Kamelot, Lacrimosa, Lady Gaga, Loreena McKennitt, Making April, Marilyn Manson, Meg & Dia Band, Metallica, Mindless Self Indulgence, Nightwish, Noriaki Sugiyama, Novice, O-Zone, The Offspring, Owl City, P.O.D., Panic! At the Disco, Poets of the Fall, The Proclaimers, Rammstein, The Rasmus, REM, Rica Matsumoto, Rise Against, Rob Crabtree, Rob Zombie, Samira Said, Santana, Sepultura, Shawn Mullins, SHINee, Skillet, Slipknot, Smash Mouth, SNoW, Snow Patrol, SNSD, Son of Rust, Stephen Lynch, Story of the Year, Subway to Sally, Super Junior, Suwabe Junichi, Synthetik FM, System of a Down, T-Ara, T.A.T.U., Taylor Swift, Third eye Blind, Thirteen Senses, Thousand Foot Krutch, Three Days Grace, Three Doors Down, Tom Lehrer, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Uncle Cracker, Utada Hikaru, V6, Voltaire, Within Temptation, . . . Yeah like I’m going to list all my bands off? :|
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Saving Private Ryan, Inglorious Bastards, Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Moulin Rouge, The Fifth Element, Serenity, Repo the Genetic opera.
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Possible Cosplay Skit.
Posted on: November 17, 2010, at 11:19:32pm   [0 comments]

At Anime Iowa 2011 I may be
performing this dance as Undertaker, with:
Ciel, Sebastian, Alois, Claude,
Grell, and a close personal friend
of mine as Pluto.

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tobi14 writes...
at 5:13:47pm on 11/30/10
I suppose so, I just wish I didn't have to remember it haha
tobi14 writes...
at 9:17:09pm on 11/29/10
Mother of god we were all such weaboos back in the day
surfer01girl writes...
at 10:56:56am on 11/27/10
Alrighty haha.
surfer01girl writes...
at 11:02:05pm on 11/26/10
oops nvm. wrong person! (sorry)
surfer01girl writes...
at 11:01:40pm on 11/26/10
Didn't I used to talk to you wayyyy back in the days of FFR? XD
MixMaxDancer writes...
at 4:24:03pm on 11/18/10
D: noooooo
MixMaxDancer writes...
at 12:09:38am on 11/18/10
Cell????????? D:
Cocowet writes...
at 11:58:18pm on 11/17/10
o___o oh gosh. xD
I want to see THAT.
Cocowet writes...
at 11:54:56pm on 11/17/10
hrrm... ° 3°
you're welcome :D
...the fingernails of your Undertaker cosplay give me the creeps... |'D
it must be funny to play FFR with those nails c:
MixMaxDancer writes...
at 11:53:43pm on 11/17/10
Lol, but you will stay for meh right??? D:
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