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RainbowFire's Gameplay Stats Today
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I'm a Brony and Game. Spitfire is one of my favorite ponies, hence the theme of my profile. RinbowFire is based off the shipping pair of Rainbow Dash and Spitfire.
MLP, video games, anime, RP, stepmaina
Fav Music:
Metal, trance
Fav Movies:
The Dark knight
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-Princess Luna- writes...
at 6:04:04pm on 8/5/13
Hello Rainbow Fire
thaecrasis writes...
at 8:48:03pm on 3/3/12
jvizzlez writes...
at 10:01:32am on 3/3/12
Oh hi.
DanMeister1234 writes...
at 4:53:26am on 2/25/12
Hey, if you're interested or you have any songs you want me to record and put up on YouTube/FFR, then feel free to post a comment on my profile, cause I'm going to record more songs with my camera showing my hands. So, if you've got a song, feel free to post on my profile! :P
Findarian writes...
at 12:59:41pm on 2/22/12
because it made me laugh :3
Findarian writes...
at 12:59:17pm on 2/22/12
the #1 umbreon writes...
at 8:01:29pm on 2/21/12
sounds fun :o
the #1 umbreon writes...
at 2:33:17pm on 2/20/12
whats up? :o
Findarian writes...
at 10:58:20pm on 2/19/12
the #1 umbreon writes...
at 6:28:19pm on 2/18/12
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