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✔ Real Name: Art. ✔ Nicknames: Artic , Little Bear,Arty,Artykins. ✔ Relationship Status: Single ✔ Age: 21 : Born On Jan. 3rd ✔ Kids: 1 : Son : 3 : Owen ✔ Love Ones: Look On Top 16 ✔ Traits: Charming;Funny;Caring;Sweet;Flirty;Amazing;Hot?;Laid-Back;Chilling ✔ Good To Be Friends With?: Yep ✔ Born In: Westport;Ireland ✔ Live In: New Milford; CT ✔ Good Player?: So-so ✔ Add Him?: Yep ✔ Chat To?: Go Ahead ✔ Fake?: No ✔ In Love?: Yes ✔ Family Members?: 0 Real 2 Step, Step Dad, Mom , Dad. ✔ Pets: 3 Dogs, 1 Cat ✔ Do I Like You?: Yep ✔ Happy?: Yep ✔ Pro?: No
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12 stones;3 doors down;all that remains;all time low atreyu;Authority Zero;Blink 182;bowling for soup
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I Pefer Reading, But I Like Scary Movies, Like Saw, And Freddy Vs. Jason =]<3333
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Posted on: January 2, 2011, at 03:38:43pm   [0 comments]
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brutalbeautyofmedusa writes at 12:54:14am on 10/10/11
ooh btw i added your msn so dont be a poo and not accept.
brutalbeautyofmedusa writes at 11:16:55pm on 9/26/11
supp? (:
surfer01girl writes at 5:13:37pm on 9/19/11
You should eat some soup :D
That always helps.
Or tons of sleep xD
surfer01girl writes at 10:04:00pm on 9/18/11
Lucky. I was outside walking my puppy, and that turned into me falling asleep on my porch for an hour xD
I think i might be getting sick.
surfer01girl writes at 9:48:08pm on 9/18/11
That's very true :D
So how was your day today?
surfer01girl writes at 9:25:38pm on 9/18/11
:O That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. I sure hope you gave him a bear hug :D
surfer01girl writes at 11:33:18am on 9/18/11
:D. He's gonna grow up to be a little heartbreaker for sure<3.
I know what you mean x.x I stayed and watched over William for a few days, and we constantly wrestled and played and drew stuff. He's just this little hyper dynamo xD.
He even went in my room and woke me up to ask to play.
surfer01girl writes at 4:52:01am on 9/18/11
Always ^_^.
That's too cute! You're making me miss my baby cousin WIlliam. He's going into Kindergarten soon T_T
surfer01girl writes at 10:49:56am on 9/17/11
Nawwh, i've always wanted to learn German! You're lucky ^_^.
I've been really great actually :3, I'm always out doing something or working on this crazy art project I have to do in class xD.
surfer01girl writes at 3:37:33pm on 9/15/11
Hey man! How have you been?