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Posted on: January 18, 2013, at 01:33:28am

dey go here again

  1. first lololllolooololollll

  2. Hey you. Still broke and eating cup o noodles? :D

  3. Yup. Still a slave. But it gives me money for food and stuff. FFR so dead.

  4. Nice 10g on Love & Justice. Feels like you have good chances to get somewhere~

  5. I can't be top 3 because I'm going back to D6.

  6. Too many "good scores" apparently.

  7. define "actually"

  8. then the answer is: yes, if you count me playing with my elbows

  9. dude i honestly dont know how x.x

  10. i just freaked the fuck out, i have no clue how that happened

  11. Literally just saw that :(((( that is so unnerving. Once you fuck up its so hard to recover quickly...that black flag i got was on a weird split near the beginning of the first stream. the other was right at the end as well, every other time i played i dumped over 8 goods...

  12. hey thanks man, I haven't had a chance to play through Black Lair yet, but once I do I'll let you know! or I'll just let you know when I post my reviews.

  13. puh-lease, you think a girl can SDG blue rose?!?!

  14. fuck.

  15. you SOB. it's okay i'll rape this song soon

  16. scariest tourney ever.

  17. scariest tourney ever.

  18. idk if you'll have too... but this is so nerve racking

  19. Tiny Hippo for D6 9th official

  20. Idk, I've just noticed for many officials, the top 8 of any particular division tends to be in the skill bracket of at least one division higher by the end of the tourney :P (Also, why can't I be D4 :( )

  21. yeah man for sure, I literally think I can AAA it. what do you think the cutoff will be? I really wonder if 4 will actually suffice. I think the cutoff will be some weird thing like 3-0-0-2.

  22. are there any specific parts that are giving you trouble? I hope you're not out, either - you thought you were out last round too, didnt you?

  23. the main part for me is the 24th roll, the half a beat break, and then the 24th roll that turns into three jumps. 2 3 4 1 break 1 2 3 4 1 2 [34] [34] [34] or something similar to that

  24. legit the opposite here haha, but then again i tried mirror and didnt practice it much, didnt have a lot of time to warm up before playing ffr so idk, depending on how i do when im doing well i guess i can say i like it one way or the other. currently my best score is 1/4 of the goods of my mirrored score

  25. yo! really sorry that i havn't gotten back to you yet with more specific details. i go through most of the files myself but occasionally i pitch them over to kommisar to help me out and i did that with this one, and he's really slow >_>. i will bug him about it and you could contact him yourself too if you have time. overall the file was really cool i was just mostly thinking about a few parts where i think there might have been a few errors but it takes some time to decipher it with the different layers, and a few spots that could've been made a bit more fun with more stuff added (i remember a synth/keyboard). i will get back to you asap!

  26. THey should be easy to find honestly I mean I could be wrong since these are over a year old, but I barely use them. My headphones (the sennheiser HD650s) and the Audeze LCD2s are much better when it comes to quality. I also plan to get the HD800s some time this weekl

  27. yes exactly that

  28. if you can find it any cheaper then be my guest I paid 120 but these are discontinued so they will rack up in price due to how rare they are.

  29. oooo will watch when I get the chance. these guys honestly seem pretty cool haha.
    UCF namedrop \o/

  30. "is that a side-b? is that a dash attack? is that a, a taunt? do i... i'm not sure"

  31. never thought I'd see the death of tiny-hippo

  32. all good things must come to an end...

  33. nice avatar

  34. yeah, what, did you guys call each other before visiting the website? you nerds

  35. steal a 3ds

  36. noooope. bedtime. you'll just have to FC sol cosine job by yourself

  37. nice avatar

  38. nice pic of me u stalker

  39. I saw your birthday on google plus first. owned

  40. you get notifications on if you're logged in. but yes, I monitor google plus 24/7, duh

  41. nice try but I think you mean "sash"

  42. how sick is it that everything you said when you were like 13 is forever sewn into the fabric of the interwebs? I know I'm a fan

  43. go to my random thoughts section and click Older. will take you to page 2. etc.
    you wouldn't know because you're a deleter of things

  44. hellyes
    i got to play some P:M yesterday with 3 other people. I was destroying them, even with a 3 on 1 team battle it was so hillarious

  45. is that the version we're going to be using now? :P

  46. wtf dude you need to get on skype more often

  47. hi

  48. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  49. :')

  50. ok

  51. bondage party

  52. boy next door


  54. WOW I AM DUMB I FORGOT TO REPLY. I'm glad you still have that photo, idk if I had it saved anywhere. The Very First Meetup :')