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I'm gay so get over it. I work in construction, as a tower crane rigger. I'm 28 and single.
practically everything. I'm smart and I want to spend my life experiencing things with a fairly open mind. Girls unfortunately are not on the list since I don't find myself particularly attracted to them, lmao.
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problem fixed
Posted on: January 28, 2009, at 12:35:02am   [0 comments]
whatever that was, I may as well just forget it even happened. I don't hold grudges for long.

On a side note I can't wait for my bandage to get removed so I can snap a pic of my tattoo.

New pics today
Posted on: September 4, 2008, at 01:30:52pm   [0 comments]
I'm tired of self-pics they are such a pain to get right, so I'm gunna get some good ones hopefully I can get away with using them for maybe 6 months to a year or something.

Comment wall
jibgilmon writes...
at 10:46:47pm on 2/2/09
holy shit dude i can post but i cant believe they did that, that really sucks.... he was just mad cuz i was right
stealthc writes...
at 11:34:42am on 1/28/09
why yes it was, and sorta is now... lol... it changes about as often as the weather does lol
Roy565 writes...
at 5:12:36am on 1/28/09
I see. And wasn't it blonde at one point?
stealthc writes...
at 4:09:04am on 1/28/09
why yes, and then I cut it short :(
I actually preferred that old hair style I happen to like having slightly longer hair than I used to.
My fault for experimenting -- but either way it grows back so it's not a big deal.
Roy565 writes...
at 3:44:59am on 1/28/09
You look different.
New hair?
Kyaan Kyo writes...
at 11:23:49pm on 1/27/09
Everyything is being taken care of now as we speak. Goodnight. ^^
cindy_08 writes...
at 3:53:50pm on 1/27/09
wuz up?
cindy_08 writes...
at 2:21:38pm on 1/27/09
GuidoHunter writes...
at 1:29:30pm on 1/27/09
I'll happily help you with your problem if you'll quit acting like a child. Really, I will. I have no idea what you're going on about, but I'd rather we resolve it than have you evade bans and only make matters worse for us and for you.
I can be Private Messaged in the forums (turn yours on by going to your UserCP) or contacted on AIM at ElSoyokaze.
fido123 writes...
at 12:27:59pm on 1/27/09
I've read your threads and seriously, by making them you're just going to get landed a ban on your account so you can even play FFR or anything. Yes you can just proxy or whatever but there go your credits and skill tokens. If you want to help your case, apologize in your current thread then bring up the issue privateer, and civilly with a moderator...I can get the the AIM account name of one if you wish.
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