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UPDATE; 12-2-10. Hello everyone! I'm AnnaLee. I have a facebook, myspace, purevolume, ffr, youtube, playlist, vampirefreaks, I'm easy to talk to! I am a singer, :). I play guitar, and I'm never on thiss. supp? (:
My dreams, Singing, Guitar, Piercing artist, Tattoo artist, Photography, art, graphic designs, designing stuff, music, MY GUITARRRR <3, asl;dkfajsdklfasdf, yeahh...alot of stuffffff...
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Set it off, First class fever, Neversaynever, 1-800-zombie, A kidnap in color, Slow motion red lights, Tokio hotel, All time low, Daniel The Photographer, Arist vs Poet, Red car wire, Forever the sickest kids, Scary kids Scaring Kids, Nickasaur!, ThatsWhatsUp, Dear Elizabeth, The blaq year,the hit, A kid named Thompson, Nevershoutnever!, Eatmewhileimhot!, jeffree star, geofrey paris, the rocket summer, DOT DOT CURVE, Chiodos, Taking back sunday, The hit, And A whole lot more. I'm such a band whore. xD anything that's not country. or rap .. :)
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2nd of December, 2010.
Posted on: December 2, 2010, at 06:04:01pm   [1 comment]
I am NOTHING how I perceived myself to be. I was young, and now I'm grown. I'm different, my views are different, my life is different, my appearance is different. I'm different, but I'm still the same girl you all knew.

I'm AnnaLee. I went by Kayli. I'm young, but I'm definitely not like a 13 year old or something.

I've dealt with a lot of stuff, and now I'm better.


I believe/ I don't believe. DONT STEAL.
Posted on: August 24, 2009, at 05:57:36pm   [4 comments]
Yes; I AM the REAL Anna K Smileforme.
Yes; I'm the real Kayli Katastrophe. I am okayy?. I go by alot of names, so stfu.

Here's my opinions.

From: Anna [Kayli] !";Empire …Anna K Smileforme Online Now!

Date: Aug 18, 2009 12:53 AM
Subject: I believe/I don't believe. [PLEASE READ.]

Body: I believe there is nothing wrong with gay.

I believe everyone deserves two chances, one to screw up, and one to hopefully be forgived.

I believe tight pants look good on guys.

I believe everyone is beautiful. Inner or Outter beauty.

I believe staying up til four in the morning texting everyone in your phone, is rather idiotic; although, I seem to do that alot.

I believe eyeliner looks good on some guys.

I believe if a guy wears tight pants; you don't have the right to call him a fag.

I believe if a guy wears eyeliner; Still no right to call him a fag.

I believe asking for so much personal information is stalkerish.

I believe girls backstab too much.

I believe girls talk too much trash.

I believe girls who wear the same pants as guys, and say "Ew look at that guy. His pants are stupid. Doesn't he know purple isn't his color, and duh! they're girl pants!" Is STUPID. People, They're just PANTS, Okay? There aren't girl pants and guy pants, unless it has a pussy or a penis, it's not guys or girls :p kay? Also, That's just plain stupid, "Purples not his color." So? Maybe Purple isn't yours :p

I believe talking to someone, and asking their religion, then not talking to them when they're not your same religion is totally messed up.

I believe using the words Epic, Amazing, Stunning, Gorgeous, is very....overused. Think of something better, Even though I say it sometimes :p It's habbit, but put more thought Into what you say, I'm trying. Wouldn't you rather have a picture comment saying "Wow, You're very attractive. I like how your hair looks here. I love the color of your eyes, and you have a very beautiful smile." Rather then. "Gorgeous. pc4pc."
I also hate pc4pc at the end of picture comments, if you're going to comment someones picture, comment it to let them know what you think about them, not in hopes of getting the favor returned.

I believe racism is wrong. Just because someone is darker skinned does not mean they're "devil worshippers" or whatever. Just because someone has lighter skin doesn't mean "they're white trash."

I believe stalkers are extremely scary. Who in their right mind would go track someone down to fuck, then kill them? Honestly; What has this world come to?. I wish the stalkers would think "What goes around comes around" sort of thing.

I believe dying your hair 600 colors just because someone said "you can't be scene unless your hair is like this." is rather dumb.
Scene(pretty much now anyway) is- tight pants/choppy hair/ band t's/ bracelets. Although, Honestly. Scene is going to shows to support local bands; So take or leave what I said.

I believe Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus IS overrated, and not a person to look up to. [MY OPINION.]

I believe calling someone "emo" should not be a bad thing; Everyone is emotional at one point. Don't bother faking it, you are, you have been, or you will be. Emo is a music genre though, meaning emotional, so if you feel dumb enough to be calling someone an emotional music genre, okay then. It's fine by me, but I hope you just called a living, breathing soul, some music :p

I believe people are getting very ignorant. I don't think we're the smartest animals on this planet. Although, We've accomplished alot more, we may not be the smartest. Although, I highly doubt we're the stupidest; hm. I'd make a few exceptions though...

I believe anyone taking the time to read this, and really comprehending it, and hopefully not misunderstanding me is either very bored, or a very good person. Thankyou<3

I believe people who drink about 20 cokes a day on average, are going to die, sooner, honestly. I believe it.

I believe alcohol is not a good choice, considering it slows your brain down, so think, if men start when they're twelve, they won't have a fully developed brain until, what? their late 30s? Girls- I'd say about early 30s. I'm not sure though; I heard this from a teacher.

Fact: There are three parts of your brain. One part- is the fitting in, I have to have this, I have to look like this, I have to be this skinny. ect. One part- If you get in a car crash, you are able to use your limbs, and you're senses are fine, what do you do? Call 911. It's common sense. Another part- The sexual part. It's natural, don't read this and go "Eww AnnaLee. You sicko." It's natural. :p kayy? I believe everyone thinks similar when young, and as they get older, they reflect on what they watch, who they're with, they're friends, teachers. ect. So, If you have a very racist dad, or someone. Chances are, you will either be very distant from your dad, or be racist. It's what I think though, So make sure you remember that, before you go bitching at me.

I believe fakes are idiots. We can tell if you're using a picture of Alexandre Evans, He's a model. Or Taylor Rocket, FUCK SHE'S A GIRL. Or Adam Crowe,(Guess what assholes? He's dead. Because of Fakes.) Or maybe, Cameron Ugh? Hmm. This boy happens to be faked alot. Idiots, He's real. Would you like me to get you some proof?
I have a few fakes in my friends list, because I believe a few are just very depressed, and I'm going to find out if they're old, or just depressed. If they're depressed, I'll do what I can to make them feel better, so they'll take the pictures down, but hello. People have names, jobs, and they're famous for one thing or another nowadays, don't act like you're someone when you're not.

I believe a smile is very powerful, it makes you connect that much more with someone. Think of someone is walmart, You see this angry, kid, eh. Maybe 17 or so, you also see this girl, She's about 16. She smiles at you, Maybe not intentionally, but she does. Would you rather be her friend? Or the boys?

I believe Love/Hate are strong words. Both have very strong meanings. I love you, friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, mom, ect. Don't go a day without telling your mom/friends/boyfriend or girlfriend that you love them. You don't know how much longer you/them have to live.
I believe love is key to alot of things, it means alot, and people need it. People don't just want love, they need it, yearn for it, crave it, envy it. Point is, They have to have it, or they'll probably go pshyco.
I also believe hate is very strong, If you hate someone, and you want them to die, or something, How does that make you feel better? You're wanting a person, your own kind to die, I understand, serial killers, sex offenders, but still, why would you want to hate someone, you don't know? Give them a chance to make things right, don't get near them, I'm not saying go be friends with a sex offender, I'm saying give him/her a chance to change their life around.

I believe trust is very important to people, if you can't trust someone, you're going to be depressed/pshycotic/anxious/angry/lonely. So try to trust people every once in a while.

Sexual Orientation- Bi, Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Pansexual, ect. You can't judge someone by that, You can, but it isn't right.
Especially, if your best friend is gay, and then descides they're bi. Oh, they found out they like pussy, Vice versa. Oh, your best friends a lesbian, oooh she finds out she likes dick. Hm, stop complaning. No one needs to hear that gay is wrong, hm, what if you have more gays in the world then straight, or so? Hm, which would be wrong then? I'd really like to know. I'm not saying straight is bad, or every straight person is horrible, I'm not saying gay is bad or every gay person is horrible. or the other way around or whatever, I'm just saying, don't complain about that sort of stuff, because wouldn't your friend rather like support, other than total hate?

I guess I'm very opinionated, huh?

I think this is enough for now. I will write more later.

I want your opinions, agree or disagree. So Start writing :)

I love you.<3

AnnaLee K Smileforme.

Chris&& Paul xD LOL.
Posted on: March 29, 2009, at 09:35:55pm   [0 comments]

The new year.
Posted on: December 31, 2008, at 06:17:37pm   [0 comments]
As I look past on the old year. Thinking how much I've changed, One thing still remains, My friends have stood by me. No Matter how horrible I've been or how Wonderful I've been They never let me go. I want to thank all my friends on Ffr who have been with me and still love me. Thank you all <3 This year has had it's up and downs, But you guys have stood by me. I love you all <3

Take care, If you're going anywere, DRIVE SAFE. watch out for drunks and stay alive,
I want to see all you guys' pretty faces for the new year I lurvz chu allz <3

Take care.
Peace and love,
Kayli anne.

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Squee Squee writes...
at 6:14:26am on 9/6/11
Suzii I miss you! If you ever come on again look me up :D
Kyo-Angel555 writes...
at 3:23:23am on 1/3/11
yo ;D
spades4burnouts writes...
at 3:32:10pm on 12/21/10
hey!! long time!!! How ya been?
morganalyse writes...
at 12:35:29pm on 12/7/10
yeahhh lol
so i really dont know what we were talking about
haha so how are you?? (:
Aeroethimetic writes...
at 8:13:37pm on 12/2/10
*sits beside you* Way too long...kinda hope you been okay...rawr
SoloisticCloud writes...
at 7:13:50pm on 12/2/10
Hey, how have you been? ;o
JikininkiFace writes...
at 8:15:50pm on 12/14/09
You take nice pics
Aeroethimetic writes...
at 8:41:45pm on 11/28/09
*poke* hello
morganalyse writes...
at 4:25:43pm on 11/25/09
ummm...i think hes cute lol
StyleTheBronx5 writes...
at 4:20:59pm on 11/25/09
hey whats up?
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