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METAL AND SKIING (snow and water)
METAL AND SKIING (snow and water)
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almost all types of metal, mainly black, death, brutal death, grind, goregrind. Just some faves: Cradle of Filth, Behemoth, Nile, Necrophagist, Cannibal Corpse, Necrophagia, Mortician, Devourment, Prostitute Disfigurement, Gorgasm, DevilDriver.
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dAnceguy117 writes...
at 10:44:13pm on 8/26/14
dAnceguy117 writes...
at 10:30:51pm on 8/26/14
I remember now. it was your most recent forum post. you are wonderful, by the way.
dAnceguy117 writes...
at 10:29:43pm on 8/26/14
nah, there was a reason. I don't remember what it was though!
dAnceguy117 writes...
at 7:32:04am on 7/2/14
you are wonderful
evanescence_death4ever writes...
at 10:52:02am on 6/17/13
Woah... Crazy for real...
evanescence_death4ever writes...
at 11:44:02pm on 6/15/13
You must be lying to me. You're not lying? O_O
evanescence_death4ever writes...
at 11:42:26pm on 6/15/13
Wait. Before winter break... LOL was it before december 17th?!?!? then probably!!?!?!?!?!??! OMG I loved Mudge's piano....
evanescence_death4ever writes...
at 11:41:42pm on 6/15/13
HOLY EFFIN WTF OMG OMGOMGOMGOMGOOWIEHrt92u3059uy3874695 THAT WAS MEEEIRHWEHGH95u32948yqRQtqujtosf probably?!!??!?! Was it on the 13th of January?
evanescence_death4ever writes...
at 11:36:22pm on 6/14/13
AWW MANNNNN~ Are you for real? That's super awesome =P No worries about the creepin'. Were you cosplaying? Maybe I saw you too?? XD
stealthc writes...
at 2:05:25am on 1/27/09
so you still able to use the forum? LOL I got banned for agreeing with you. What was that hypocrite's name?
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