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I am Proud to be an ANIME/MANGA NERD *Puts on nerd glasses* I am 13 and in 8th grade.
BLEEEEAAAACCCCHHHH!!!!11!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!11!1!!!!!!And other animes.......
Fav Music:
Some stufffffffffffff.........O.o I don't have to be specific........
Fav Movies:
Some movies I'm not going into detail 'cause then I would have this great big list and you wouldn't like to read a big list
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Akatsuki Musical
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Ash-a-lily writes...
at 12:36:06pm on 7/4/09
cool background
White Noises writes...
at 6:46:34pm on 6/26/09
hey!!! nice avi!!!xD i see u like persona 3 too, i played persona 2 also, very good games. :D
TaCo_MuNkEE writes...
at 9:23:03pm on 5/14/09
hewo:3 oh man, i haven't the safari akatsuki video in ages!! :O anyway hiii
orx writes...
at 12:55:28pm on 3/13/09
nice backround
Synthlight writes...
at 3:41:09pm on 3/3/08
First person to post on your wall.