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\_ヾ(^_^ )カタカタ...Konnichiwa!! Not much to say really, im just an asain (filipino) dude, so just ask.
I enjoy watching Anime, reading Manga, going on the Comp., playing some VideoGames or PC Games, researching Animes, i also love Pandas x3, i also enjoy music, so i might want to be an audio mixer or something envolving making music when i get ah job
Fav Music:
J-pop, J-rock, J-techno, Asian Mixture songs, Japanese classical, Chinese classical, I also like vocaloid songs, Any music is fine with me, i love all. here are some j-bands i like: maximum the hormone, lm.c, chieko kawabe, hitomi takahashi, little by little, back on, d-51, um flow, stance punks, aqua timez, and many more, i cant think right now^^
Fav Movies:
my fav movie is probobly an anime movie.
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Posted on: August 20, 2008, at 07:50:11am   [1 comment]
i plan on getting these manga

manga: negima, monster

and watchin these animes

anime: .hack//roots

Sept. 21
Posted on: August 10, 2008, at 05:40:36pm   [15 comments]
its almost my b-day

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youngkidd22 writes...
at 9:54:29pm on 12/20/09
ouch its been a long time sence i been on here i realy missed out on a Lot A WHOLE LOT
SweetNightmares writes...
at 5:31:49pm on 9/12/09
I love your profile!!!!!!!!!Love .hack//G.U. Kuhn and Matsu are my favorite!!!!!!!!
vaser180 writes...
at 10:41:36pm on 11/26/08
Evnoir writes...
at 9:36:06pm on 11/17/08
Nice Dual Gunner Haseo X form banner, .hack//G.U. i'm guessing. Sweet.
sosolid2k writes...
at 7:58:06pm on 10/14/08
i got an awesome new profile check it out :P
sushigrl00k writes...
at 7:22:34pm on 10/7/08
Drikon Rjelavan writes...
at 6:19:08am on 9/25/08
nice header where is it from?
championanwar writes...
at 7:09:11pm on 9/20/08
-I_sAaC- writes...
at 9:20:26pm on 9/17/08
nice pic dude
Cilx writes...
at 1:16:14pm on 9/14/08
hhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeey a .hack//roots fan
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