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Rapta writes at 8:40:35am on 11/21/15
"How should we draw the faces for the ASDF characters?" "Idk ._." "Perfect!"
RainbowDash1234 writes at 7:04:15pm on 5/15/14
Dolphinssss writes at 6:38:14pm on 2/6/14
Yo rparty, this is ドルフィン (Dolphin) from, it would be really nice if you could contact me somewhere about our BOF2014 as me and Byakko+ are trying to get back in touch with everyone again since is down ;; You can contact me on Twitter (@OsuDolphin) or on YouTube (OsuDolphin)
TheSaxRunner05 writes at 9:46:26pm on 1/21/14
Most of the active community who post on the forum are D4 or higher. Don't feel bad about it though, the majority of people are D1 and D2 level, just not forum active.
Flaming_Dingleberry writes at 9:39:21pm on 11/24/13
Oh, really? Lucky you.
Flaming_Dingleberry writes at 8:38:32pm on 11/19/13
It's actually a thumbs down, sorry.
Zageron writes at 10:14:12pm on 1/30/13
ty! :>
bmah writes at 8:59:21pm on 6/22/12
hey, what did you think of stepping a non-super hard file (unlike Diavolo)? people liked it!
ballet dude writes at 8:03:41pm on 6/19/12
FML I fell for your Troll on that You laugh, you lose thread... I just want to laugh man! NOT Shit my pants haha I had been playing ffr so I was wearing headphones and the volume was turned up considerably loud! xDDDD Thx
leonid writes at 12:16:19am on 3/12/12
it'll be up once I stop being lazy..