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Hey wats up this ya boy chase aka. ctba456. i love to live it up. cant go wrong with parties, chilling at the mall. watching all the new movies tht come up. shit now thts schools been over and done wit i need to be chill. Im open to new thing s. I wont put anything down untill ive tried it my self. I get along with everbody, dont really like to put people down for anything untill i know em. its w/e im just straight chill.I leave for the coast guard july 31 so i dont really have much time left. but i dont care im having fun and i cant wait for my coast guard to start up. alright thts enough about me. you can just think up the rest.
First off i have to start with tht i love anime. Been watching tht shit for i dont know how long and i still love it. cant get any better. ive been going to conventions and all tht stuff. probably one of the greatest inventions ever but no of course i play video games, go see movies, play sports(basketball ,football, and a little bit of soccoer). And im sorry ffr cant hold a candle to ddr mainly b/c ive been playin it longer but still i couldnt get off it when i started playin. I have to many interst to put on here so thts enough.
Fav Music:
Have to say the only music i really dont listin on a regular basis would be country. Its not tht bad its just some thing about it. besides tht i listin to pretty much everything. more things than others but i like to mix it up alittle bit. Top three genre's would have to be Rap, rock, and trance. Some of my favorite rappers would be ludacris, 50 cent, and lil scrappy. the list could go on for a bit. some rock would be Fort minor, metallica, and for the old school Ozzy, and Jimmy hendrix. As far as trance goes you have Dj Tiesto, ATB, and Paul van Dyke. Music is all good no matter which way you look at it.
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more anime
Posted on: July 7, 2007, at 01:21:04pm   [0 comments]

another anime opening
Posted on: July 7, 2007, at 01:20:23pm   [0 comments]

One of my favorite animes im currently watching
Posted on: July 7, 2007, at 01:18:19pm   [0 comments]

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sticklydude writes...
at 12:58:39pm on 1/2/08
i FCd frozen on my first try yesterday :P
songs to long
Windscarredfaith writes...
at 12:52:49pm on 12/24/07
Gahh! I haven't seen you in forever! Happy Holidays, pp! <3
LN_BlankZ writes...
at 9:38:58pm on 12/20/07
dude we have to play again sometime. gg!
nanahs writes...
at 10:07:24pm on 11/19/07
lol dude i have only gone to one con so far and it was awsome. i cant wait for the one coming up on the 1 of december.
im pobably going to do wolfwood again..who do u go as?
Bloody Rose Assassin writes...
at 12:38:20pm on 11/18/07
i see :)
Xx{Midday}xX writes...
at 9:23:03pm on 11/13/07
anime huh? im still only a month into anime, but if theres anything ud like to add to my queue list, plz comment on my random thought (i think i did a good job of turning into a Konata XD)
i love you writes...
at 10:36:18pm on 7/17/07
PL_Zephyr writes...
at 1:57:52am on 7/16/07
Heya. My main account is Wintergreen btw. I actually almost never play on this one
Enjiok writes...
at 5:05:33pm on 7/7/07
zandco writes...
at 1:49:10pm on 7/7/07
it like two bodys (ii) one mind (dot dot)

and we should play some time
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