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my name is Josh, I like to do things like play this, play tf2 and make music and love my girlfriend[: I like to make people happy because you only live once and being sad is not worth it. feel free to talk to me about anything.
Hanging out with friends, using the internet, playing FFR, screwing around with my MicroKorg, being with my lady friend, and listening to music. and Burritos
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THE FALL OF TROY. and many more
Fav Movies:
willy wanka (old one)
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Posted on: August 2, 2012, at 05:30:33am   [0 comments]

now to actually get better at this game! haha
Posted on: July 20, 2012, at 03:07:52pm   [0 comments]
Posted on: July 12, 2012, at 06:18:31pm   [0 comments]
AVG Rank Goals
under 1000[x]
under 900[]
under 800[]



Just some goals I hope to achieve.
Posted on: June 30, 2012, at 03:31:41am   [1 comment]
yay! :D
Posted on: April 23, 2012, at 11:35:00pm   [2 comments]
Right now I'm FCing everything in Dance1.
[x]page 1
[x]page 2
[x]page 3
[x]page 4
[x]page 5
[x]page 6
[x]page 7
[x]page 8
[x]page 9 (That last song was a pain!!)
[x]page 10
[x]page 11
[X]page 12
[x]page 13 don't know why but that second to last song was terrible.
[x]page 14
[x]page 15
FCed all of Dance one page. fuck yeah, now what to FC?
Comment wall
jarsh writes at 7:11:04am on 11/14/12
Hey man.
jductape writes at 2:25:08pm on 8/11/12
thanks mein. I'm trying haha. By the way, I love fall of troy as well
jductape writes at 10:31:25am on 8/9/12
you should try this weeks song again, it'd be great to have a casual six-way tie for 4th place
The~J~MaXx writes at 7:27:08pm on 8/5/12
thanks man!
jductape writes at 8:29:39pm on 7/31/12
sometimes when I have a bf i'll just switch the keys from like askl to zx,. for a couple of tries and that occasionally works
jductape writes at 7:45:38pm on 7/31/12
haha, yea for sure. You can't think when you play! I'm sure you'll get it though even if it's not necessary to move on. The~J~MaXx didn't even AAA death march, and I'm really scared of him and his 57 tier points
jductape writes at 7:18:24pm on 7/31/12
oof, yea that black flag sucks. How many tries did it take you to get to that far?
jductape writes at 9:58:48pm on 7/25/12
if you ever want another one, just play almost there and you can easily snatch it by racking up a 800-900 combo after the really hard section
jductape writes at 11:54:29am on 7/24/12
haha yup! good luck to you too! What song is your tier point with?
yo man im awesome writes at 3:14:49pm on 7/20/12
I try my best :p