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Finally trying to FC stuff.
Posted on: April 23, 2012, at 11:35:00pm

Right now I'm FCing everything in Dance1.
[x]page 1
[x]page 2
[x]page 3
[x]page 4
[x]page 5
[x]page 6
[x]page 7
[x]page 8
[x]page 9 (That last song was a pain!!)
[x]page 10
[x]page 11
[X]page 12
[x]page 13 don't know why but that second to last song was terrible.
[x]page 14
[x]page 15
FCed all of Dance one page. fuck yeah, now what to FC?

  1. Good luck getting the FC on RATO. You will need to vibrate and mash and jack and trill and roll and just plain half-destroy your keyboard just to nail the FC on that song.

  2. rato?