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Panic likes 'em big!
Posted on: June 1, 2008, at 06:41:27pm   [2 comments]
Quote: "They're never too big! And you can quote me on that!"

Well, my comp froze when I took a screenshot, so I lost it, but anyway, here it is.

Oh yes, Panic likes them VERY big.

Dr. Tran!!!!
Posted on: May 21, 2008, at 01:37:19am   [0 comments]

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TC_Yuki writes...
at 11:56:39pm on 12/11/08
where are u from?
just wondering
Kienamaru writes...
at 5:50:29pm on 11/13/08
multiplayer is mp
Kienamaru writes...
at 5:46:01pm on 11/13/08
awesome! an asian hey get on mp
vampire17 writes...
at 10:14:04pm on 7/21/08
ischooltennyson writes...
at 12:00:14am on 7/11/08
FFR has its own MMG!!!! Time to lose all of my credits...
arrowprincess writes...
at 7:39:19pm on 7/5/08
lol its ok it takes me a while to reply too. are you having a good summer?
Arietta the Wild writes...
at 2:33:37am on 7/2/08
How did u made that cuz i looked everywhere at that site but coulnt find something as ur "My Chemical Romance" ^^'
Arietta the Wild writes...
at 8:23:30am on 7/1/08
U like My Chemical Romance, cool! Wanna be u know friendz??
BadLuckCat writes...
at 5:12:39pm on 6/30/08
Thanx for accepting
arrowprincess writes...
at 1:39:58am on 6/25/08
sorry answering really late XD but thanks for the pic comments it was really nice =D
so how are you?
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