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My name's Natasha. ---Profile by Ico---
Art, Books, Videogames, Candy, Chemistry.
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Avenged Sevenfold, The Killers, Say Anything
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Way to many.
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lorraineblk writes at 5:33:05pm on 7/6/11
I just finished Okamiden! Like an hour ago! Soooo wierd!
Kasu_404 writes at 12:20:54am on 5/12/11
yo no ocupo muchos los foros, y si los veo siempre es algo en inglés xd y los amigos que tengo que hablen español, practicamente nunca se conectan en ffr lol Así que por lo general siempre estoy escribiendo en inglés :P
ic0slay3r writes at 1:27:09pm on 5/11/11
Hiiiiiii :D <3
orenonamaewa writes at 12:19:29am on 5/11/11
Thanks, really takes time to do. Yours is awesome as well! :D
Kasu_404 writes at 9:58:03am on 5/9/11
don't worry :P Siempre es bueno conocer a alguien que habla tu idioma entre tanta gente que habla inglés xD
Por cierto, tienes un bg muy lindo *-*
Fluvs writes at 9:54:58pm on 4/3/11
I have more pics of Okami :D
kjwkjw writes at 9:34:06am on 4/1/11
Thanks for the vote!
Fujiwara no Mokou writes at 2:02:25am on 4/1/11
thank you, i love yours as well =3
Fluvs writes at 11:49:29pm on 3/31/11
lol because I own the games XD and have some images for them :D
Fluvs writes at 12:59:34am on 3/31/11
Nice avatar and background I'm guessing you like Okami? :D