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About me:
Hey amigos! I'm Joan also known as Kat. Seventeen. Puertorrican. There's not too much to say about me, I don't really like being noticed by people. I'm always hiding and I hate the outdoors. This is my second account, the other doesn't let me login. Contact me dude, I'm kind of friendly :) And I will not eat you, maybe.
I enjoy being almost 24/7 playing PS3 (Except when I'm on school) I'm a gamer. BTW If you play BFBC2 Add me On PS3: Mrs_KatJoD | Music is like my life; I love and listen to Rock, metal, Death metal, Screamo, Alternative rock, Punk rock, Heavy metal, Melodic death Metal. I Also like Techno, Trance, Industrial, Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Electronica and all that stuff! | I don't really play a lot Of DDR, I really shit my pants when it comes to step in there and start playing because people start to watch and I get super shy! haha Pretty bad eh? | I also like sports | I'm not used to be like all of the girls. I'm such a weirdo and I got no life! Lmao.
Fav Music:
30 seconds to Mars. A day to remember. Adelitas Way. Aerosmith. All American Rejects. Alterbridge. As I lay Dying. Atreyu. Avenged Sevenfold. Basshunter. Black Eyed Peas. Black Stoned Cherry. Blink 182. Breaking Benjamin. Boys like Girls. Bullet for my Valentine. Cradle Of Filth. Tiesto. Escape The Fate. Evanscence. Eyes Set To Kill. Faithless. Fall Out Boy. Finger Eleven. Fireflight. Flyleaf. From Autumn to Ashes. Foo Fighters. H.I.M. In Flames. Jem. Jet Black Stare. Killswitch Engage. Metallica. Miss May I. Nirvana. Nonpoint. P.O.D. Paramore. Papa Roach. Pendulum. Pierce the Veil. Rammstein. Rise Against. Romance on a rocketship. Saliva. Scary Kids Scaring kids. Seether. Sick Puppies. Skillet. Slipknot. Soilwork. Sugarcult. Sum 41. System Of a Down. T.a.t.U. Three Days Grace. Trust Company. Twisted Method. Disturbed. There's a lot more!
Fav Movies:
Too Much to mention. Love and Other Drugs, Defiance. I don't really watch too much movies. Just in the theater. And I'm more into Reality shows and that stupid stuff! Or Playing PS3.
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Random Thoughts
I'm like WTF?
Posted on: May 25, 2011, at 11:48:54am   [10 comments]
I love how I keep winning int he credit Jackpot I have more than 34k + Credits, I feel so lucky.

Posted on: May 2, 2011, at 11:28:36pm   [8 comments]
Hahaha I think I'm kinda lucky! First Credit Jackpot I won more than 11,000 credits. And Now I won 13,365 credits! This is Soooo freaking awesome! I will try again! xD

Posted on: April 24, 2011, at 10:10:18pm   [4 comments]
I didn't notice I won the Credit Jackpot a few days ago! This is amazing! I got more than 11,000 credits! :D

Skrillex is SO A m a z i n g <3
Posted on: April 6, 2011, at 04:14:35pm   [9 comments]

If you don't like this is because you obviously don't know what GOOD Music IS! <3 Skrillex Baby!

I Don't Care!
Posted on: April 1, 2011, at 05:29:08pm   [4 comments]

Isn't the melody amazing!?
Apocalyptica ft. Adam Gontier (The vocalist from Three Days Grace) <3

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JackRabbitt writes...
at 12:53:57am on 10/24/12
hey whats up :3
atamiskinfinity writes...
at 1:53:46pm on 10/6/11
So when was the last time I said hi? :/
Naio writes...
at 6:30:43pm on 8/11/11
Hey, Thanks for the happy birthday! I know it was a while ago but thanks. So whats up?
SD_dk writes...
at 5:19:46pm on 7/25/11
Hey how you been?? C:
JEZfnm writes...
at 3:17:55pm on 6/30/11
So whats up?
JEZfnm writes...
at 11:03:49am on 6/29/11
nice profile lol. :)
SD_dk writes...
at 4:55:37pm on 6/25/11
Hey you:) how you been:D still makin great pictures;P
EliDaNinja writes...
at 6:35:10am on 6/24/11
anyone who is a fan of skrillex is awesome in my books thumbs up for you ;).
shadowpunk93 writes...
at 10:05:38am on 6/18/11
Cute profile! :)
atamiskinfinity writes...
at 2:17:48pm on 5/25/11
How you been how's it going what's shakin whatchaknowgood?
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