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Yo, the name's Tony Le. I'm 16 and currently an idiot. Wait, I DO NOT TAKE "hi" OR "sup" WHEN YOU COMMENT OR MESSAGE ME!!! I WILL NOT REPLY BACK!!! Be more damn specific. I'm always bored and if anybody have any idea to go anywhere to have fun, holla at cha boi. Anyways,I like to breakdance every now and then, even though i don't practice, I love to move to the rhythm almost every time i have the chance. FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD!1!! I LOVE FOOD!1! Enough with what i love. Now begins what i hate. I am a lv. 3089 playa hater. Yes, that is something to behold! If you hang around me long enough, you'll see what i mean. I FUCKING HATE DANE COOK!1!! He have no talent and we will be better friends if you hate him with me. The only time i will like that guy is when everyone hate him. When everyone hates him too, i won't be as special as now... will I? Until then, FUCK YOU DANE FAGGOT COOK!1! How does hating dane cook consider as a summary of me? It's a big part of my life to hate him XD. If you want me to type a blog about how much i hate him, ask. Cuz i don't want to do it right now. I'll leave you all alone for now ^_^.
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Breakbeats i guess?
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Legend of the Seven Cutter, Meet the Spartans, and so on
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Posted on: June 20, 2008, at 03:07:16pm   [0 comments]
6-20-08 is a good day!1! My skills got back, drivers ed is over, my cousin is coming over with my fixed 360, and obviously, I REACHED 1,000,000,000 POINTS!11! I one bil with the song Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star v2(noob version) and i at least fc'd it. Too bad i made one boo though T_T

In another topic, i started a project to see how many AAA and FC i can make within a week. Apparently i've gone from 19-21 AAA(weak) and 91-151 FC =). 2 AAA and 60 FC!

Posted on: May 13, 2008, at 06:25:50pm   [2 comments]
This is the list of people i want to beat someday.
* means i beat them at least once.

One Winged Angel
JMC 9790

This is a video that --> I <-- made.

i hope you guys like it XD.

Comment wall
SK_BleedingFire writes...
at 11:51:38am on 9/7/08
Inorite? X]
ARROWUP writes...
at 7:52:32pm on 8/21/08
random isnt it
xxspeedkingxx writes...
at 7:17:53am on 8/21/08
Its freaking awesome. I like it better than the other two guassan blurrs:)
Blade2030 writes...
at 5:33:51pm on 8/19/08
yeah i know dude
xxspeedkingxx writes...
at 10:33:11am on 8/19/08
Dud i just got guassan blur 2! IM so happy:)
andili writes...
at 5:58:02pm on 8/18/08
XD im not really in the ffr mood right now XD i dunno..
andili writes...
at 11:24:38am on 8/17/08
orly there are countries?
xxspeedkingxx writes...
at 1:21:10pm on 8/15/08
Yah, i havnt really tried to get that token in awhile. Its so annoying.
xxspeedkingxx writes...
at 1:05:57pm on 8/15/08
Well i finally got the planetz skill token. ANd that stupid guassan blur 2 skill token is gay. It says to get single digit good on guassan blur 3 and i did that. One time i got 6 goods amd one time i had 9 goods. Its so retarted that they didnt give it to me:(
sushigrlOOk writes...
at 12:01:54pm on 8/14/08
What're you doing reading a manga like that?!
B-But..i wrote it in good grammar ehehe.
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