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hello im Michael there is not much you need to know about me
ffr. music. anime.
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if you ask ill tell you
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if you ask ill tell you
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at 2:19:31am on 12/2/09
oh why hello there! idk why, but i can't connect chat anymore :/
Bloodsaya writes...
at 8:44:17pm on 11/7/09
nothing really just been gaming on steam :3 just got borderlands:3
Bloodsaya writes...
at 1:02:55am on 10/30/09
how are you :3
N.R.G .:ONYX:. writes...
at 5:48:14pm on 10/19/09
Oh okay cooool man
shini2188 writes...
at 9:37:56pm on 10/18/09
hope ur the right m3 there was like a million XD
Flaming_Dingleberry writes...
at 1:07:57pm on 10/17/09
I'm not one to guess what you're doing here, but anyone with most of the Tokens and more than 20 Skill Tokens is an FFRer. Good luck with the 4000 games, and be safe ;D
TornRenegade writes...
at 12:37:21am on 10/17/09
Random invite, figure this way I'll be able to play ya again lol
UnluckySoul writes...
at 6:34:24pm on 8/29/09
thnx for the vote =]
SK_BleedingFire writes...
at 4:51:56pm on 8/28/09
WOOT for marching band.
Blutlarve writes...
at 11:54:01am on 7/28/09
(Canon rockt) my song
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