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SUPER-FLY-TWO's Gameplay Stats Today
About me:
HEY My real names Martin i am a really happy cool person and fun to hang out with.
I have many Interests i do many things such as Drawing different types of things for example: Anime,Halo 3 shi* oh and another thing i am Really "Really" addicted to halo 3 for the Xbox 360 haha everyones got a little nerd in them
Fav Music:
I listen to music of different genres. i Listen to mainly rock, alternative some punk rock and a little bit of know, the good Shit.
Fav Movies:
i watch alot of different movies but when i see the right one i may look like this ._O'..Yes freaky..i Know :D
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Posted on: September 16, 2009, at 09:55:54pm   [0 comments]

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SUPER-FLY-TWO writes...
at 12:59:27am on 10/21/10
if anyone has a gamertag for xbox live hit me up my GT is SniperScene :D have fun on FFR people :D
cornet lover writes...
at 10:54:52pm on 10/11/09
Nice profile I never checked yours before. Domos are everywhere nice. But seriously sorry.
Cubicle writes...
at 11:10:02am on 9/17/09
all i've got to say is thanks for noticing and to me thats a compliment, =)
Lucmarceau writes...
at 11:28:32pm on 9/4/09
Thanks a lot, will do! :)
Cubicle writes...
at 11:05:05pm on 4/23/09
nice job on your profile >:D
luchownrj writes...
at 5:51:36am on 4/2/09
awww no need to apologize
it just means you have more of a life than me XD
ooh i see you found 3 new skill tokens
good job!!
luchownrj writes...
at 8:09:09pm on 3/31/09
your welcome XD
u don't play very often do u?
luchownrj writes...
at 12:51:20am on 3/30/09
found you!!
omg it was hard caus i forgot ur username but now it's all good..
SUPER-FLY-TWO writes...
at 7:28:54pm on 3/27/09
Umm Hey thanks for the comments heh ^^'
Cubicle writes...
at 4:00:56pm on 3/27/09
sup mang XD
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