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im korean and proud!!! b- day 4/19 myspace made like 12/5 aim = mang0xd got my coolest family sassy's *me* "complicated, retarded" family Grandma- Suzana Grandpa- Logan Uncle- Jimmy Auntie- Jason Edris *iono who he is..* Mommy- Wynee *luv youu* Papa- David Sister(s): Sally- kaitlin Sammy- my crazy Catherine Sissa- my silly sylvie Cousin(s): Elaina & Shem <3 my awesome Janice why is life so complicated - at school...
anime... sports... hanging out...singing...dancing.. iono and idk.. i have more but dunt wanna tell you =)
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everything that comes to mind
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scary movie 3, the prestige, grudge, finding nemo,shark tale, shrek, shrek 2, the covenent, step up, ring, ring two, raise you voice, deck the halls, happy feet, a lot more where that came from....
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lovers quarrel
Posted on: November 29, 2006, at 01:51:14pm   [0 comments]
"the hardest thing to do is watch the person you love fall in love with someone else"

R-A-N-D-O-M =)
Posted on: November 26, 2006, at 06:06:09pm   [0 comments]
I knew you`d be hard to forget... ?
and she tells herself it's
okay because Cinderella
wasn`t meant to be with
her Prince charming until
the ending

- Christmas is comin'

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TS_Supra_Drifter writes...
at 6:31:39pm on 3/16/07
yeah korean pride!
DeadlyBlindness writes...
at 5:08:51pm on 1/11/07
yoyoyoyoy get on and play a game!!!!
candycanez writes...
at 1:43:57pm on 12/25/06
Happy Holidays! ♥
Nero_Angelo writes...
at 7:20:53pm on 12/11/06
Hey wassup it doesen't seem you're on
Nero_Angelo writes...
at 7:16:30am on 12/9/06
Whats up its been a while
motorcross_14kc writes...
at 5:08:42am on 12/7/06
hello do i know u?
and should i add u?
candycanez writes...
at 6:26:49pm on 12/6/06
lol a 90 is like an A- at my school.
DeadlyBlindness writes...
at 8:20:26pm on 12/5/06
aw.....that really computer is relaly messed up too.
bobthecrasher writes...
at 12:03:14pm on 12/2/06
candycanez writes...
at 11:04:32am on 12/2/06
yeah i guess...

i passed my dancing test^^ straight A's
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