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hey! i now only post simfiles on this account so its not likely ill check my mail on here go to mrtl_mrclean17 if u wish to contact me
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Techno, trance, happy hardcore, hyperbeat, acid, industrial, and some rock. My favorite Djs are: Tiesto, ATB, Moby, Paul Vandyk, Armen van Helden, and Speedy J.
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A night at the roxbury is the best movie ever and if you disagree I will punch your nipples and eat your sandwich!
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Posted on: January 13, 2007, at 03:12:55am   [0 comments]
http://www.flashflas x.php?paged=68

my website
Posted on: November 6, 2006, at 07:24:48pm   [0 comments]
probably more annoying than, but oh well, u might like it, plz visit www.joshuahamilton.t k .
i built most of it from scratch, and i have a few games on there and i am in the process of putting on more.

Posted on: November 6, 2006, at 07:20:52pm   [0 comments]
yep im on deviant art, believe it or not, if you dont believe me checkout my profile http://masterclean.d, one of the poems i wrote even won a contest and is being published in a book called "immortal verses"

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Stewie7Griffin writes...
at 4:19:14pm on 7/28/07
it was HUGE and ANNOYING >.< lolz srry took up to much room >.< jus pm me with it and dont comment it to me
muffin01 writes...
at 10:40:50pm on 6/29/07
hey long time no talk!!!
iPatcH writes...
at 12:21:37pm on 1/14/07
Oh right, THAT one.
iPatcH writes...
at 12:10:13pm on 1/13/07
Wait, what site?
beccahx0x writes...
at 6:05:08am on 12/10/06
haha sorry i havent been on in a whilee..
busy with school and stuff otherwise id update my profile here and there..
theres this big concert at my school on tuesday
and i have like all these solos soo i guess you can say im a veryy busy girl
azugirl writes...
at 3:10:13pm on 11/25/06
hi did you get my comment?
Skidss writes...
at 8:40:06pm on 11/11/06
beccahx0x writes...
at 11:03:58am on 11/11/06
heyy how have you been?
sorry i signed off at around 1 last night
i got tired.
hey when you come back on..
come find me in multiplayerr
Stewie7Griffin writes...
at 4:46:58pm on 11/10/06
Stewie7Griffin writes...
at 4:46:54pm on 11/10/06
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