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sheneen writes...
at 4:49:33pm on 5/18/07
Don't call me that when you know I'm telling the truth. I seriously don't think you're hot if I did I would have said CUTTIE by now
sheneen writes...
at 6:29:20pm on 5/17/07
Umm no deffinately not
*LiSa_SyP* writes...
at 9:42:26pm on 5/16/07
ok hiya cutie! ;]
cortney&drew writes...
at 1:14:36pm on 4/18/07
wow you and your bmx bvuddy are really hottt
evil teddy bear writes...
at 7:14:02pm on 3/3/07
...i used to bmx until ppl fuked up my bike...havent done it in 3 years...$350 bike man!! it was a free agent
FearFlyingMonkeyOfJupiter writes...
at 3:48:37pm on 2/20/07
HI!!!whats up how are you all that CRAP THAT NO ONE CARES whats up???
Skankfaceex3 writes...
at 7:16:25pm on 2/19/07
Dont be sad im here now.
FakeBanginWhore writes...
at 7:14:34pm on 2/19/07
Hey srry i was gone.

But if it makes yew
feel better i missed yew.
sheneen writes...
at 3:58:27pm on 2/19/07
I was dared to put a coment on everyone I see, so here it is :P
all_alone writes...
at 3:11:05pm on 2/19/07
lol ok good morning i just woke up lol
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