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Mario and Pikachu in Discovery of the Wii
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asa_fox^..^ writes...
at 7:02:42pm on 12/18/09
OMG!!!!!!ZELDA!!!!!!!..............................hey listen
OniYoshi writes...
at 9:08:26pm on 7/22/09
oh. lol
OniYoshi writes...
at 7:10:34pm on 7/22/09
which one is that?
OniYoshi writes...
at 9:16:09pm on 5/31/09
Whats up man?
tyler8 writes...
at 4:46:46pm on 5/9/09
are you aslie link is yes or no
-Dark_Link- writes...
at 4:59:56pm on 2/13/09
Nice Page And All BUT... To Much Link In The Back round :D
**rockstar** writes...
at 6:53:59am on 1/22/09
oh, it means talk to you later
**rockstar** writes...
at 7:51:44pm on 1/21/09
hey, i g2g..
ill ttyl though!
**rockstar** writes...
at 7:49:00pm on 1/21/09
im here
**rockstar** writes...
at 7:48:30pm on 1/21/09
im really, sorry..
but, im interested in someone at my school...
i really want to be friends though!!!
can we be?
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