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What are profiles for anyways
Posted on: June 4, 2012, at 09:58:24am

I don't quite get this yet

  1. They're to show off your swag! Kinda like a flashy car or something.

  2. 2 show how pr0 u r w/ photoshop cuz all u do is steal amine bgs and put shitty abstract renderings and scanlines on top lol!!!!

  3. 2 keep trak of how much u r fab

  4. i gave up =P

  5. chek my pr0file took me a long tyme to design

  6. preppy douchebag emo sorrowcore nerds who are here for dating and putting up photos of them half naked licking an ice cream cone asking others for comments and thumbs up and maybe sexting on the weekends

  7. if I do that will I get da ladies

  8. GD's got it rite omger he explained my sekrets to prophiles FUC

  9. hello mtv dis is my profile

  10. communication you ding dong

  11. o