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I'm not your average 18 year old. I don't go out and party, I don't drink, I don't smoke. I just spend time with my friends and have fun playing games.
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Anything with a good beat.
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Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, that sort of "geek: stuff.
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Posted on: July 30, 2007, at 05:08:20pm   [0 comments]
Ok really what is up with all this fuss about tokens? Seriously. All I know about them is that you get them and they just look pretty on your profile or whatever. I don't really care for them. So whats the point. Then again I don't play much so I can't really complain. I just want to know... what's the big deal about them??

Totally random randomness
Posted on: July 30, 2007, at 11:52:17am   [0 comments]
This stinks. Ma is up so i have to play without sound for a while because she has a headache. I can't even do a beginners song right without the sound. RAWR! >_< Plus my feet are numb from sitting on them in the chair for so long. And on top of all that my friking "R" button sucks. I have to go back and put all the "R"s in after I'm done typing. It's so annoying. Yeah so this is me ranting on about my stupid random randomness.

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XxSoul_StealerxX writes...
at 8:20:29pm on 8/1/07
UltimaAssassin writes...
at 5:40:32pm on 7/30/07
Votes up! hope you can do the same ^^
Gobulldogs03 writes...
at 5:22:42pm on 7/30/07
kinda like myspace
BladeMasterZain writes...
at 5:13:35pm on 7/30/07
um... thanks
Gobulldogs03 writes...
at 5:06:27pm on 7/30/07
Killm u got a bebo
Gobulldogs03 writes...
at 4:57:24pm on 7/30/07
i look at the clues
Wishb0ne writes...
at 11:59:19am on 7/30/07
Lol it's okay.
I think they're too close apart anyways >.<
EnergizerBunny writes...
at 3:44:47pm on 12/26/06
lol hey, it's you! pionts to you
killm3n0t writes...
at 2:44:39pm on 12/26/06
Synthlight writes...
at 7:05:27pm on 6/23/06
First person to post on your wall.